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H one where facts matter stephanie miller was it it is the diversion monies with monuc my this comedian extraordinaire your view the other chair if you want to allow yes jim's out sick vanessa has already tisza cherish she does mercenary that she is blind ambition self three two three four six eight 1135 okay sherrod brown on cnn yesterday talking about lotus in my working families tax relief act which will put lots of poll put thousands of dollars in the pockets of of little class families in working clash working families said the president's played paid lip lipservice to that he does that it's a different tax bill but he chooses a fork in the road the president either either decides to work with democrats on issues like i just talked about the patriot corporation act which he said at that meeting that he likes or he throws in with mcconnell of the billionaires and he's he's at a fork in the road if he throws in with mcconnell in the billionaires democrats don't support it if he chooses to fight for the middle class and help those companies keep in the united states not the bill that mcconnell has if he does that it's a bipartisan bill that's what i've been saying all along quite a shock eight his his tax plan is tax cuts for the very rich it's such a new different idea for republicans i was quite gently help your friend oh and then he was talking about steve bannon that was from her interpretation of the president's call to the widow of a fallen solitary now the congresswoman told the new york times at this week that the white house is full of white supremacist you were at the white house this week due way with her i agree that steve bannon is a white supremacist stephen miller seems to be and i know that studies have shown that they have their ally sprinkled around the white house i he soup seems like he just ate a gravel driveway but i love him all this and the.

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