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Behind the scenes, and let me bring it to you this way the blue jackets in two phases of the season have faced really weird circumstances involving their player personnel. The first is that when the season started? It was an open secret in the NHL that arguably the two best players are Pinera n- a great Russian forward who's the leading score. And Sergei Broschi who is a dozen a winning goaltender open secret that they both gonna leave. The team is unrestricted free agents the summer. So the team held a meeting earlier this year that cleared the air across all the players on data issue there kind of plan line about it. But the air was cleared then during this western Canadian. Road trip. The team was struggling after going. What was better described is all in at the trade deadline. They kept Pinera and the kept the Broschi they made a big trade for Matt Duchenne and Ryan single from the Ottawa Senators and they struggled and apparently at this meeting in western Canada on this road trip. The air was cleared again of various and sundry issues and ever since that point the players said they'd been locked in on the same page playing great hockey. I do think that they are a team that is built to win a cop. They've got two really good offensive lines. They have a foundational franchise the fence when Steph Jones that every Cup champion seems to have an if Sergei Brodsky who had been a punchline in the playoffs figured himself out as a playoff goal either. They could they could be it's comes out of the east my problem. And this is kind of ironic considering we just talked about with Tampa. Is this layoff might kill that whole mental. They're going to be off for like a week. Before they have to play their next playoff round. And that's a long time for a team that had been playing a playoff game. Every other day to be sitting around waiting to see who comes out of that Toronto Boston series. They shouldn't have been Tampa. So comprehensively those recites my favorite moment in this series came after the series was over when the Tampa Bay Lightning Twitter account emotive the following. We don't have any words, and we know you don't want to hear them. We understand your anger. Your frustration your sadness, everything you're feeling we get it. This isn't the ending we imagined. And certainly not the one we wanted. Thank you for being there. The entire way. Maybe the most emo- moment in the history of sports, not just in hockey. But I do feel like it captures something about playoff hockey, and the feeling that it makes no sense that it's capricious that why doesn't the lightning. Call me back. I thought we had something answered my last twenty texts what is going on? Like, I do, you know, the the Twitter account of the team you like to kind of capture the spirits of the fan base and the emotions, and I feel like this was a fact of in that way pro perhaps I mean more effective if you set it to a joy division song. It's true. But, but no, I think that it was an interesting statement and one interest ads. One that the fan base. I think some of them seem to really understand and other ones were really kind of angry about it and wanted him to fire their coach, but listen, this is a supremely talented team. They're they are locked in with the Dacian of players in their prime for years and years and years to come and the thing about all playoff teams in speaking about the randomness of the play offs, and and sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't the Washington Capitals. Last season are beacon of light there. The lighthouse they the ones that you look at and say there was a real sense that this group was never going to win and especially with never going to get past their tormentors the Pittsburgh Penguins that happened and the caps. You know went on to win their first Cup in franchise history. A racing years and years and years of playoff utility and losing heartbreaking series. So every single time. Now that you have a situation like the lightning. They're gonna come back and say, look, we it wasn't our time. That's what Nikita kucherov. They're up. Probable MVP who did it very not the thing by getting suspended for game..

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