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If you will an old school, western shootout, perhaps you can say an old school shoot out that one would see at the OK corral and Aaron PICO dropped Henry crawls and Kraus's came back and dropped him and then finished him and once again PICO lives by the sword dies by the sword. Still very young still green as far as his MA experiences concern, some of the very best have lost and have come back. It's it's no big deal. But I think that what's interesting about is that after the fact a lot of people say, oh, you push them too quickly. Oh, it was too. Big of a jump up from his last opponent fighting guy. Like, Henry Kraus's? Well, you can't have it. Both ways we criticize bell tower for not pushing the likes of Michael venom page quickly enough. And then we. Criticize them for pushing the likes of Erin PICO to quickly look dropped them. And then he got dropped himself because he was a little bit too overzealous and got caught. I don't think it was a mistake of a matchup. I think he'll learn from this. I don't think that aren't peco's over hype. And a lot of credit goes to earn PICO for showing up afterwards answering all the questions, you could tell he was hurting. You could tell you said, but he didn't seem to shy away from any of it and answered all the questions. So a lot of respect for air PICO. And I'm curious to see how he responds from all of this. Okay today on the program. We have a lot to discuss we have lots of Scott with a lot of different people. We've got a jampacked show for all of you once again, and I will run down the lineup. And then we'll get to our first guest of the day because I'm looking forward to get this one Rolan, okay? At three forty five. We're going to be joined by Dimitris Johnson. Look at these lovely people over here. Wow. There. He is DJ. This is amazing. The now one championship fighter who, of course, was the longest reigning champion. And for the longest time. The only you have flyway. Champion no longer in the promotional. We'll talk to him about what transpired last weekend. In Brooklyn, his thoughts on and off, and of course, life after the you know, he was just in Japan doing promotional stuff for one he'll be competing in March. So I'm looking forward as always to catching up with one Dimitrius Johnson. Henry Kraus will stop by three twenty five looking forward to talking to him first time that he's on the program. He has turned his life around his career round since joining the may lab in Arizona big win over an PICO on Saturday. We'll talk to Darren till at three oh five he headlines the US's return to London England on March sixteenth. I am looking forward to that fight. I'm looking forward to talking to Darren till and he'll be headlining that card against one hor. Hey, MAs Vidal who joins us at two forty five or he MAs with L AK game bread fight or not fighting one Nick as fighting Darren till on March sixteen so talk to him at two forty five to twenty five. We'll talk to you Holly home about her turn to action luck going on her life mountain dew sponsorship. There's just a lot. As always going on the life of all. But I'm looking for talking to her because it's been a while. And she returns on March. Second against Aspen, lied who's a rising star one hundred and thirty five pounds. Just engage. She is returning to action on March thirtieth against it's an Barbosa in Philadelphia. We'll talk to him at two five we'll talk to for Bruce over doom who was very busy last week. Case you missed it being a very good Samaritan. We'll talk to him about that. And where he goes from here. Of course, he is currently suspended by USA is you leaving. You see what's up with him and the F or mention Jake Hager, aka Jack swagger will join us at one twenty five talk about his debut victory on Saturday night. But the story of the weekend was one Ryan Darth Vader, defeating fitter a million echo and just thirty five seconds. And as you see there. He now owns all the gold the heavyweight champion the light heavyweight champion and heavyweight grumpy they gave him two belts on Saturday..

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