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Goa'uld. It with invigorate and keep on going, Emiko, ultimate with invigorate a BP and Amoco station. I'm mad Bear with traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter at W. II be sea traffic. Randy Hollis. Which TV meteorologist What's going on? Yeah, Tony getting upto warmer. Start this morning after a We're down to 30 this morning with a 40 year. So sunny, breezy. A warmer afternoon we're gonna call for are very nice. I 73 degrees clear tonight Down 56. Mostly sunny, warmer tomorrow. Unseasonably warm 80 degrees for high during the day on Wednesday, call from comes through tomorrow night on Thursday. Sonny Cooler high temperature in the mid seventies Upper seventies on Friday, and as we head to the weekend, there may be a few showers around either Saturday or Sunday. The models were kind of conflicting here, but a few showers possible and temperatures remaining in the seventies. During the upcoming weekend. That right there is Randy Alice. Of which TV Randy. Thank you. 44 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The time right now is seven of six thiss hour on 93. WNBC is powered by the home loan expert dot com. You know, you got to make sure you're catching the top of the hour. Bottom of the hour News with John Harris, Kirke darling and the rest of the gang. Otherwise, you would have missed this story about a West Lafayette City councilor,.

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