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Let's go ahead and move on to round three which is around on marxism i'm sorry marxism zoo i'll give you the set up to a classic quipped from groucho marx or at least one widely attributed to him you give me the punchline if you know it and if you don't you can still earn points for originality the first word of the punchline will always be but i'll give you that hidden for example i've had a perfectly wonderful evening but this wasn't it exactly although to tell the truth groucho himself denied that he would ever say anything so mean to anyone but who really knows all right carolyn you did so well with the example i never forget a face but in your case i'll make an exception back in in your case i'll be glad to make an exception yes tony married i can see you right now in the kitchen bending over a hot stove but there's always you divorce cynic i do it guys does that imply injury no no darted imply out uh murray's got it will let murray's murray has have you guys like too all right will tell us it across to the other side one a you i think in in in the might of the opera was one of those gags that gut made it past the censors i can see you bending over a hot stove but i can't see this stove i can't see this it's from duck soup as the pex so murray yes groucho was asked for a photograph and he responded i don't have a photograph i give you my footprints but but my feet or not princes their kings i like it it's not it's weird we use i'm i i will say it again i he was asked for photograph and he said i don't have a photograph i give you my footprints but they were lost in the sand they're stuck in front of ground chinese there's got to be something definitely any points for this not to be a plum they're having to do with graffiti like give you my footprints but their covered with film or something like that prince but i don't have any feet but they steal my soul i.

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