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Single good argument about why these witnesses shouldn't testify with these documents be produced unless the president has something to hide and his supporters want that information hidden Schumer says Mick Mulvaney the acting White House chief of staff Robert Blair a senior Mulvaney adviser John Bolten the former national security adviser and Michael Duffy of the office of management and budget should testify number three Curtis flowers of Mississippi man who's been charred six times for nineteen ninety six quadruple murder has been released on bail the decision in Montgomery County circuit court comes six months after the U. S. Supreme Court reversed flowers latest conviction in a ruling that found the prosecutor had discriminated against him by excluding black jurors the forty nine year old was freed on bail after having served twenty three years in prison for the murder of four people at a store in Winona it is unclear whether he will be tried again and an amazing find in the Mediterranean a shipwreck from two thousand years ago researchers say the ship full of large terra cotta pots that were used in the Roman Empire for transporting wine and olive oil was crossing the sea when for some reason it never made it to its destination the wreck of the one hundred ten foot ship along with its cargo was discovered at a depth of one hundred ninety seven feet during a sonar survey archaeologists say is the largest classical shipwreck ever found in the eastern Mediterranean that's something I and I guess comparatively speaking a relatively speaking a hundred ninety seven feet doesn't sound that deep right when the for these things right I don't know why it wasn't down before two thousand that's a pretty old is that one still good there's a question thanks in twenty two minutes after the hour coming up next the.

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