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Good morning. New York. 7 10. W O R. All right, So we like to have a mix of opinions on this show. I mean, lend kind of leans to the left, and I lean to the right. And you know, we have some good guests here who have differing points of view from what my point of view might be. And one of my favorite communists. Red diaper. Babies of all time is or Ron Kuby, the famed a civil rights attorney, and I know he sometimes gets the listeners hackles up. But I always love to hear from my whole buddy Ron Kuby because you may disagree with them. But there is nobody smarter about a lot of things that Ron Kuby Good morning, Ron, How you doing? Hey. Good morning, Michel. Thank you. I'm one of your favorite communists who were the others. It was the Lizz Julie, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. And you know what happened to them, right? Yeah. It's favorite living Communist probably would work. How are you getting your way? We're fine. Hey, Rod, I gotta ask you something, though. I mean, we're talking, you know about this pandemic, and we got this Mayor de Blasio, saying Indoor dining may not happen until 2021. I mean you live in the city as I do, You know, A lot of these restaurants aren't going to survive. Is there anything these restaurant owners can do to challenge the mayor when he tells them you mean Not have indoor dining until a year from now, and you're gonna go broke. Well as a legal matter. I mean, the answer is you can always file a lawsuit. I mean, you know, hire lawyers filed filed lawsuits like, you know, Hurling flying monkeys have things like The Wizard of Oz. Whether it's going to do any good is no. I mean, there's a tremendous amount of authority in a public health emergency, and and and look, I mean, I've I've enjoyed the little vibe of of you know, Paris on 23rd Street. In New York with everybody, you know late of traffic on outdoor tables. It's really you know, kind of very, very sweet, but I recognize that come winter that that's not going to be foreseeable, but but Michael 30,000 People in New York City died during the pandemic in March, April May and June. 30,000 weak and look, Is it fair? Is it like restaurant owners? Bear. The brunt or one of the brunt of the economic problems is a consequence of dealing with the pandemic. It's not fair, you know, But there's many, many things that are unfair and and the notion that the consequences fall disproportionately across the population has always been true. Andi So, yes, it's very sad, Michael and it would be nice if the city had some money..

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