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The league I agree with that but the League is not built on who your third quarterback is the League is built to your quarterback is in one of the reasons the league had such a good year last year was the quarterbacks generally state healthy and right now. They're dropping like flies now. Obviously the darnold thing that's not a function of football but breeze gets hurt on a plight rothlisburger not quite short not on that list is Andrew Luck who retired because of all of the hits that he took so so Dan Orlovsky that can be done to protect the quarterback than they're currently doing. They're doing a great job of it in to your point. If those guys staying healthy the last year was such a paramount reason why the success was what it was but here's the thing because everyone's like man. These guys have to stop taking hits or protect themselves. I want everyone understand how hard that is if your quarterback within the moment and you're trying to make a play in that split second of do I want to be special or do I want to be. He is not worth it. In this moment that is a split second a blink of an eye in so like the perfect example is Carson wentz right. If you look at just two plays from the other night night it's the interception right before half on third and eight where he's trying to be special. Throw the ball downfield and it's picked off and it's thirty eight that he he runs around. He's getting dragged down onto my collins. Which one do you want because for you to be a special player a guy that hey we're going to pay this one hundred twenty million dollars. It's not as easy as in those moments taking the calculated risks and so it is a very fine line that those guys have to handle but it's not as easy as people think like oh just take more hits. You're you're in the moment and you have that quickly to decide. I'm not the most useful to tool in the toolbox but I can be a part of fixing the car and a part of fixing in the car is not dropping back fifty times a game. That's the issue with these quarterbacks man. When we talk about how to keep guys healthy the the probability of your quarterback getting hurt especially when you have questions on offense is the dropping back fifty times a game gee if I told you almost winging this bat a hundred the Times. If you stand in front of the one hundred gets tired you get knocked out art so that that's the issue and now you have teams that are drafting rush the passer there are no all these big three hundred forty pound. D- tackles that eating space you guys on the inside like Erin Down. You Got Fletch Cock. You got all of these guys. That's continue to pressure the quarterback. They want to continue to if they don't think this falls on. There's Oh so it's not just a senior quarterback stuff like tigger point markets into look was let the drive a staff and in a system in organization that did not draft will. Shawn Watson Coach continues to think they have an offensive line that they don't so this is not. This is a big picture. You're right this is this is a team that drafts well. This is a team that has a coaching staff that understands it. This is a player that realizes I'm not in high school. I'm not in college. I don't need to prove my toughness outside of the pocket. Because at some point you do need to do that but within the pocket it's you don't want to get to the NFL. You don't have to prove prove your toughness to your teammates anymore. That's right. It's also not the fifty passes but the type of passes the Shawn Watson. You should roll amount more exactly quickey from the pocket where you take the shots. There's no way the way they played at Shawn Watson. It's GonNa Make Y'all not gonNA take credit away from these defendants man. I'm telling you you keep dropping them back. They don't keep get hurt. That's that's these guys are being paid hundreds of millions of dollars to rush the passer now like the time I played in the League and he was in the League during that you had the Land Down Stop Power Lee. You had to deal with that. It wasn't a lot of quarterbacks getting hurt venture now. These guys are dropping back almost fifty to fifty times. I steer to you know an Indian healthy. Sometimes cause was right but sometimes injuries are part of it in some of those guys are a little bit older as well. We've got the young guard coming. The young young kids are coming. I'm just saying and he's getting banged up it. Also it's hard to not throw the ball fifty eighty five when you devalue the running back physician which they've also been doing over the last. We have more quarterbacks to talk about. This morning continues here including Eli Manning. Is he playing on borrowed time. That's it's a question is it time for Carson. Wentz change how he played. Marcus knows and he'll tell you is reduced swag who says right after this get up on ESPN and we're back on up and swag who is with us here and every week. We'd like to Swaggie says because the main can just sort of see through you know what I'm saying so we will listen to what some people in sports had to say and then we'll hear what swag who thinks we start by talking about the New York giants are often very difficult difficult. Owen to start and yesterday their head coach Pat Shurmur was asked if Eli Manning is still going to be the starting quarterback when they play the buccaneers this weekend and what he said was very very interesting. He's been are starting to this point and I don't want to talk about anything else moving forward from that from that standpoint Holland unleashing the you'll have enough. What is the discussion with you at this point. Did they tell you that they're so nothing so looking at we've had not discussed it. The giants decide to meet this. What's his you would stay away from the s. That's what the giants say. What does swagger swagger saying Pat Shurmur Shurmur basically said Damn I WANNA start. Daniel Jones like I WANNA do it so bad but the last guy that said ally got fire to his point so greedy. This is obvious I to- you alone time ago. Where head coaches noncommittal to their quarterback that that means they don't have one or he's not the guy to start? You ain't go here Bella. You Ain't GonNa hear Sean Payton. You'll hear a lot of guys around his leaks. I don't know we'll take take it week to week. That's basically what he was saying a graceful exit for Eli Mayo. They should have done it during the off season. You can't gracefully move on from a quarterback during the season and anyone could see this was not a playoff team was coming onto the year. Let's go to the next one Odell Beckham. He obviously looked terrific last night in the browns win win ahead of this game as you know the jets defensive coordinator. Greg Williams said he didn't consider Della dynamic player. Baker Mayfield was asked about that after the game. Your expensive coordinator suggested that not a dynamic playmaker. You feel like he should otherwise tonight. He said that Jesus it's next question he said what does wag who say. I won't occur guess what Baker Mayfield was saying. I want occurs at Greg Williams for saying something dumb like he said and I agree like this is maybe like this is being. Baker's first first time like being like cold with something that he said like that was amazing. I love the fact he's temper G. He's learning how to respond to these things leagues but you're right by one hundred percent right. Oh agreed. William said I mean Jeez he was he was trying. I look I happened to see it when he did it. He he was trying to make a Jerry Jones joke he explained. It was Jerry Jones job. Candidly he didn't do a terrible job. Last night. Greg Williams defense considering their player without two of their three most important people yeah I thought of the guy gave him one six to one in the two years that I can't argue all right. Finally that's Carson. wentz played very well in the second half of loss on Sunday against the Falcons but as you'll see these highlights and you're probably where he just takes shots all game long his coach Doug Peterson was asked about it. Let's Today. It's one thing you love about Carson toughness. You'd love to see him. maybe throw the ball of his sooner here and there but but the fact that that he performed well well yesterday and and really kept us kept us in this football game for him to escape the pocket like he did. A couple of times was was unbelievable and those are things. You can't really coach all right so that's what Doug Peterson said. What does swag say all this season by the Doug Peterson y'all. I love my quarterback but I'm scared to death. He go get hurt and I'm GonNa get fired at some point because my franchise quarterback keeps getting obliterated in the pocket rocket. I mean look we. Dan talked about it. The quarterbacks have to stop taking his the PC. I'll have to figure out a way to get to this kid and tell him we can. not afford for you to take these. It's just listen. I'm GonNa make a comparison as I wanNA. Bring our laskey and on this quickly. I'm GonNa make a comparison that may not sound like it makes sense but the comparison I'm going to make his Cam Newton because Cam Newton when he first came into the league very effective a variety of ways and many of us kept saying they better change his game or he's not going to play a very long time and here we are in Cam. Newton looks like he may be almost done with how beat up he has gotten. I don't care how big and strong your cars went to big strong. I'm tough guy but you cannot get that. You've heard me say this before like I carson. Wentz should not change his game. This is about refining your game. The great example. It's Tom Brady. Tom Brady's quarterback that he does not one care to prove his toughness outside of the pocket and to he would rather have three four five have incompletions a game in comparison to one extra hit because hit after hit hit heads up and that's where Carson needs to get to. He needs to just realize the three or four incompletions that may happen to game are more or were taking instead of that hit. I'm not I'm not understanding. The comparison. Tom Brady hits the ground the second he's he's going to get it exactly but or opposite of that's where Carson needs to get to because for changing his but that's refining your game because you still at some point need to be a special player because they have different talents again. I go back to those to place the thirty eight mcallen's. What is Matt Collins Throat. He's getting dragged at ground the only reason they have the chance to win the Games de Casse Carson Wentz going to survive the season. No I don't think so either and now look at it doesn't make any difference. Whatever else do they have to protect the quarterbacks. Alice L. is to they are dropping like flies much more to do as we go L. Do we have okay. Let's talk a little college football as we head into week score new Michigan after a bye week number eleven Michigan and Jim harbaugh taken on number thirteen Wisconsin. They eked to buy army. You might say a couple of weeks ago so the pressure certainly on Ann Arbor Arbor. Jim Harbaugh is bringing all finebaum. Who is the President of the Gym Fan Club by the way what's what's going to happen in this game and how much does Michigan need this based on EEKING Army a couple of weeks ago. Michigan.

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