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It was running and clearly Sean McVeigh is running the office in particular because I mean, the Jared Goff, and especially in light of Super Bowl performance is still going to have to deal with the the reason Jared Goff is having success because Sean McVay really good at what he does. Yes. Yes. That is correct. When I was at the New York Jets, it was Dan Henning was off into coordinators. I mean he was our quarterback coach Charlie weis was offense coordinator. But Dan Henny clearly had the upper hand as the quarterback coach and handle the entire offense or office. You could you could just tell but he coached the quarterbacks. There was no Charlie weis coaching the quarterback. I I get it. I'm not saying that that is the most important thing in the world. I would just think that if you could have because like athletes, we talked about compartmentalization earlier the other thing that I think and not just athletes, but if you have routine, and if you. Have a routine, and some sort of consistency in the people that you deal with and here in the same sort of a voice the guy, you get familiar. You get comfortable, and you can start to build some trust or just familiarity. But I do think that there's some value in that if you're turning that over every year, you're never gonna get to that next level. But but is such is minimized with the Rams Rams have a run game coordinator they have a pass game coordinate. They don't have an offense coordinator. So they have the two people that communicate to shy McVay who is the offense coordinator but had coaching title. So when he needs to ask the question, hey, you know on this particular down and distance give me a run. They're able to say we, you know, we should probably run the draw here because this and he's able to now look at his draw plays and decide. Okay. This is what I want from the run game coordinator pass game coordinator will tell him. What looks like. Like in what pass plays fit then design the goal match defense. That's kind of how he's running the operation where other teams got off its coordinators and defense coordinators. They don't have passing run. I don't like the past game run game coordinator stuff. Get an opposite. Haney who is the worse. The NBA trade deadline is two days away. Anthony davis. Rumors are everywhere pro basketball talks, Kurt healing. He'll help us. Make sense of it. Up up up. Did you get this win Chris? Or did you have to ask for Raj? No, this one we call right here. I didn't need the run game coordinator pass game. Bobby Brown, coordinator, whatever Sean McVeigh has I didn't need that. Got a lot of guys going on that thing. Kurt he'll and coming up in just a little bit. You know, you got special team coordinator, how many coaches, I mean, they're talking dozen more doesn't it? Yeah. Yeah. Would teen guys. Yeah. It's a lot. But it's a much of phony coaches, though, to okay, how many guys if you if you have a eighteen twelve have something to do or learning all have something to do. But you only listen it like a handful. All right, Kurt. He'll and pro basketball talk joyous way, more than hey, been good. How you doing man? In tastic. So let's let's get right to it. Is it going to happen? The Lakers gonna get enough into this deal to satisfy New Orleans. Are we going to get it done before the deadline? The rumor that they're willing to trade Todd Gurley true. Rams aren't using him. So. No. You know, what I doubt it again? I keep talking to source in new New Orleans, and they're not not only just kind of like, I think there's a reluctance from ownership to kind of feel Davis where he wants to go. But beyond that, they're just not that motivated..

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