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I'll name names next week. Strengthen the housing stocks. Today. They've been pretty decently strong. A Zai mentioned the financials, but that they continue to be dead Money oils bounced a little even the oil prices were down, based on Maybe a deal coming. But leave no doubt the leadership names, most of them. Most of them. Had a rough day today. Let's call it 2 to 3%. On average. As the NASDAQ was down 2.5. But there were some things down five if not more. We'll come back on the week after the weekend, and we'll be ready for anything. But, man Oh, man. 2020 wow. 2020 what could come next. All I know is I spent the day so far. Getting in more shape. I've already done seven miles today. And in case you don't know I have my screens in front of me with my incline trainer. No, really. That's seven miles already, as I head down to 12% and I decided I'm going to get to 10% body fat, but, man Oh, man, I know it's gonna be tough. If you have any questions, email me at Garrick a dot com and be nice. I got a couple e mails that weren't real nasty, but she was guys Come on. Come on. If you don't know by now I'm on your side and not on theirs. Anyway, If you'd like to do it, we're going to put out a webcast this week. I'll explain that the second up next year will explain that and other news of the day. I'm Gary..

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