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So go to FOX nation dot com today and sign up now for FOX nation opinion done right now Chris Wallace on Fox News channel the candidate. In question for me as always what's going to happen next. If people sense that you're not pushing an agenda, you're not pulling your punches they're going to rely on you. It's a commitment to the truth one of the advantages. I think having been in this business so long you're able to detect what is real what is important, and what's just political noise. Chris Wallace on Fox News channel real news. Real honest opinion. Another Hollywood actor accused of sexual misconduct in New York Times article entitled the cost of telling a meat you story in Australia, orange is the new black. Actress Yellowstone says the pirates of the Caribbean. Actor Geoffrey Rush acted inappropriately in front of her stone writes that Jeffrey quote, dance totally naked in front of her. And also used a mirror to watch her shower stone goes on to say that although she felt that Jeffrey did it with playful intention, the effect has since left her with nowhere to feel safe and unobserved Geoffrey Rush issued a statement saying that he sincerely and deeply regrets if he caused any distress. But that the allegations were incorrect, and in some instances have been taken completely out of context. Michael Owen, Fox News, Google announcing it will spend more than one billion dollars to expand its operations in New York City. The company will do the two million square foot campus lower Manhattan, Google put its first office in New York more than twenty years ago as the cleanup. Continues in northern California talk turning to how to prevent wildfires. From happening is recent wildfires have wiped out towns left nearly ninety people dead and renewed debate over how to reduce the threat of catastrophic infernos that spread at unheard of rates. Some say better forest management is needed to reduce the fuel load in overcrowded, forests, California. Congressman Tom McClintock. We're carrying about four times the tree density in the Sierra that the land can support. Scientists also say any discussion of forest management should include stepped up controlled burns in paradise California. Claudia Cowan Fox News sales e Clinton continuing her career as a children's book author with a picture book about endangered animals. The book will be called don't let them disappear. And we'll celebrate whales Tigers and other animals and provide advice on how to preserve them. I'm Lisa lacerra. And this is Fox News. Take a look under your bed find stuff under there. What about jobs? No now. Try your basement. There's a pair of overalls that overall you're not so anymore, a perfectly good laptop that hasn't sat in your lap in months and even more stuff, but still no jobs. Well, you really have both see stuff is defined as household articles considered as a group. Sometimes this stuff is no longer needed. Wait no longer needed. I can't be right. Because remember those jobs. You were looking for those are really needed. And they're the stuff inside your stuff even inside.

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