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It's a 6 time in Atlanta they'll go to the World Series and the first time. Since 19 99. Today, the athletics Britt girlie on how these two powerhouse offenses match up. And under the radar pitcher who could play a big role and what's at stake for both of them, in the 2021 World Series. From wondering in the athletic, I'm Tiffany ocean Shinsuke. It's Tuesday, October 26th, and this is the lead. So Brett, we want to look at how both of these teams got here. And players who could be different makers in this matchup. So first, the Astros, who beat the Red Sox in the ALCS. And when a lot of us think Houston, we think hitting, but as you wrote, it was actually one of their pictures, framber Valdez, who may have turned that series around. Can you tell us about his impact? He said after his first outing in that American League championship series and outing in which he did not complete three innings, he was humiliated. He felt like, no matter what happened, he was going to go at least 7 innings in his next start. And that is exactly what he did. High fly ball into left back near the wall. It's caught by Brantley another one two three inning for Valdez who is through 8. Amber Valdez went more innings in his game 5 start in Boston than the previous four ASTRO starters combined. Wow. Far and away the best playoff outing by a Houston starter. He did it because he was able to bear down. He was meditating between innings, the broadcast got him kind of slowing things down. A guy like framber Valdez, when he can command the baseball, he gets a lot of ground ball outs. So if he's commanding that ball and he's not walking guys, you are seeing double plays. You're seeing balls pounded into the ground, and that is what you saw with the Red Sox lineup. Valdez is unusual, and then for a starter, he only has two pitches. He's got that big sweeping curve ball, but he is able to, again, control where both of those pitches go. He can be an absolutely devastating pitcher. So what Valdez did was really turned the tide and really changed a lot of opinions about can the Houston Astros without their best starting pitcher, Lance mccullers, junior actually continue to be a very good playoff team and the answer to that Tiffany is a resounding yes. Well, as we've kind of mentioned already, beyond valdes, there are some questions about this pitching staff. Obviously, in today's game, you don't need starting pitchers going super deep into games every night, but do the Astros have enough pitching to get by. If you would ask me that a week ago, I would have said, absolutely not. However, watching for amber valdes, watching Luis Garcia, who changed where he stood on the mound and was able to go deep into their game as well, really has me convinced the Houston bullpen. We know they have Ryan Presley. We know the Kendall graveman. We know that Brian Stan. They have some relievers there. And we also know that they have the dusty baker factor who knows when to take pictures out. He said, a guy was not a pitch count. He was on a performance count. You know, he is a throwback a little bit to the olden days, and we know that Houston has been on the forefront of analytics. So when you marry those two, you get the perfect storm. And that's what we're seeing right now. So I do believe that Houston can cover for the loss of Lance mccullers junior if they get the same kind of productive outings from vampires and Luis Garcia, and maybe even Jose or kitty, I think that could be a real key for Houston going forward. Meanwhile, when we think about the Astros offense, the household names are guys like Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa. But it was a couple 24 year olds jorda and Alvarez and Kyle Tucker, who really carried this lineup. What did they bring to this team brand? A lot of offense, like you said. I think when you look at the Astros, it's easy to say their window is closing. And then you look at your donut ores and Kyle Tucker, and you can counter with, well, no, it's not. These are two young, terrific players still coming into their own. Alvarez, what makes him so dangerous is that he doesn't have a weak point. You can pitch him inside outside up down. He has proven that he's able to hit it pretty much anywhere on the strike zone. And that's important because he's also a strike zone hitter. He's a very disciplined hitter. He's what you may call a new age slugger in that he can hit the ball out of the ballpark, but he's also going to be very selective. And Kyle Tucker has a lot of those same characteristics as well. That to me is why Houston is set up, not just for this year, but for all the years beyond that as well. Well, that's the flyover of Houston, so let's move on to the braves. Last week, we had David O'Brien on our show to talk about how resilient this team is. And we saw that play out in game 6 against the Dodgers. Can you help us relive the drama that we saw in that last game? There was a lot of drama in that last game. And I think you look at what the braves have been able to do and Dave O'Brien is right there, but able to overcome adversity. And probably the real turning point in that game was when Luke Jackson was in the game. Really struggled. And down the left field line, that is a fair ball. Coming into score is Taylor. And it's four to two and the Dodgers have two in scoring position with nobody out in the 7th. And Tyler vaccine came in. This was a guy who was out of baseball because he had the yips. He was afraid of being these big situations. And a few years ago, magic was pitching an independent ball. He couldn't get a job in baseball. Now on the biggest stage in his career. And that is where the game turned around. One and two. Strike three. Maxick. Burns off the edge. Struck him out. For the second out and for a guy who was crippled several years ago with the anxiety of being on this big stage. A guy who came so close to quitting baseball to be able to go in and attack with an upper 90s fastball. That is where the game was won. He's a half dozen hitters he won up in this situation. Bets is on that list. And a half dozen pitchers you want on the mound right now. That magic is on that list. What a matchup. Here's the no two. They kept the Dodgers from scoring, and you started to believe after that that this could be Atlanta's year. You talked about Valdez meditating, then you see matzo taking deep breaths before every pitch of that ending. It's like these two teens are kind of meant to play each other for even just this meditation, deep breathing moments. Yes, I think more people need to realize the power of the mind and the power of your mental self and you're seeing it now on these big stages. These guys take deep breaths, even when they aren't meditating. You see it in the batter's box. You see guys fiddle with their batting gloves and they're not fiddling with their batting gloves. They're resetting their mindset. They're trying to put things behind them and valdes put it perfectly that no matter what happened good or bad in the previous inning, he takes it he thinks about it and then he throws it away. And I think that applies to every pitch, every out, every aspect of baseball and really in life as well. So the very zen Tyler Matic came up huge as an unexpected hero in that series. Offensively, the hero for Atlanta lately has been Eddie Rosario, who was named.

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