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Capacity of the current health care system so little reality governor Andrew Cuomo after New York times report the Elmhurst hospital in queens had thirteen deaths in one day amid a surge in patients meantime hospital officials denying reports of anyone being told to work without protective gear the Pentagon dealing with the rising number of cases among U. S. service members including an outbreak on an aircraft carrier boxes Rachel Sutherland has this live police of the USS Roosevelt is heading for portent long after nearly two dozen sailors tested positive for corona virus all five thousand crew members are slated for testing but acting secretary of the navy Thomas mostly mostly tells the fox news a ship doesn't have enough kids to go around right now T. R. has approximately a hundred kids on board were flying more on there so they will have more run into to help solve this problem eight sailors are flown to Guam where they're being quarantined it's unclear if the virus is spread around the ship but critics fear it could become the next princess cruise liner Lisa Rachel the Indianapolis five hundred postponed moved to August first time it won't run on Memorial Day weekend since nineteen forty six America is listening to fox newsradio Kaylee J. on Patrick Osborne this news brought you by the real cedar park overhead doors Boston builders are hoping for a last minute exemption to the stay at home order any non essential job sites still in operation after midnight Friday will be subject to citation so while commercial and home projects are grinding to a complete halt alternate health authority Dr Jason Pickett says city infrastructure projects are exempt because they did not pose a significant risk to the construction workers because they're very well spaced out so they're not in close confines he says the city's main concern of the interior projects where construction workers are in close proximity the city of Round Rock codes a new program called Round Rock cares will be shot in the arm for small businesses once they begin to re open mayor Craig Morgan says that one hundred thousand dollars is coming from the public and private sector and more donations are welcome I know this seems like it may not be a lot but every bit that we can to help the small businesses that have been impacted the most by the closures will help qualify round rock companies or those with fifty or fewer employees who have also faced significant financial hardship because of cove in nineteen capital metro has seen a sixty two percent drop in ridership because a corona virus there have been reports this week of a cap metro employee testing positive but deputy chief of staff Sam Sargeant says they don't have any official confirmation of that on Monday we did receive notification that a non public facing employee self reported a positive diagnosis fifty brand new part time employees have been hired to clean and sanitize common areas of buses several times a day and fares are being collected via the honor system to prevent person to person contact and Georgetown is closed all parks in response to Williamson County state home order people are still allowed to use the trails but they have to stay six feet away from everybody else and now.

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