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We're privileged that nobody else could hear it all right we'll wrap things up at a couple of minutes let's go he with traffic leave foul what's going on all right i guess lee is not ready yet i may of broke it a little early here's the number guys you wanna you want to china on this he went i know they're going to get to the the dogs story that i wanted to get through but we'll wrap things up awesome cool stories that a second i do believe we are ready now for east side west traffic liebau yeah i'm here got stuck in traffic tempe we got a wreck on the sixty eastbound of mcclintock also trying to clear a crash on the seventeen northbound at northern folks out tonight on the fifty one southbound watch out for wreck off right approaching mcdowell road so he continues on the 202 westbound thirtyseconds street out to the fifty one ten mini stack on our service reads a crash on 19th avenue just north of bill and princess drive in scottsdale road where traffic on the way at seven three we pal 550 k apply i parts at time of the year i know we're all crazy busy but i wanna point out a couple of days coming up on the calendar and i want you to try something totally different a maybe you have never been to in arizona coyotes hockey game now me being the super hockey event and i am i can't even imagine not ever going to but whatever maybe i have it in it's time to tried on because tampa bay's coming to town the 14th and pittsburgh in sydney crosby will be here saturday the 16th now listen if you own look about hockey it's fine the game presentation in the music in the games and all that stuff they've got going on around it is so much fun arizona coyotes dot com for tickets right now my symptoms were swelling tired all the time indigestion a lot of muscle spasms pain pretty severe arthritis not being able to sleep is being lethargic brain fog every day aches and pains now i'm green's better i can think again i have energy i.

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