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Okay we're out here at the Minnesota state fair dock? Every, year you sleep overnight yes we do the first night of the fair and this year we were excited when we were invited to sleep at the relax and recharge station over there at the Arrambourg. Music FA? I, feel recharge. Don't you well I would. I would also say. This, we weren't really, invited. No we were no no and that's we explained to the cops that's. Above bring a sleeping, bag and then with that we bring some some of. The, beach. Sounds and style sure sure The pet sounds cassette from the beach boys that was good better than a horse barn last year except when I started seeing the sloop John B then it. Got ugly? Say, supposed to. Do sports here okay twins. A loss last night. Seven, to three I, didn't. See the game but I'm sure the empire's are bad it was so. Crooked let's see what, else you got the Vikings signed a seven year safety. George, loca He's a I locos, netted character from Star Wars they think so anyway he's a. Former pupil coach Mike Zimmer yes. When Jim was the defensive coordinator for. The Bengals so the they got rid of. Cincinnati because they brought in a young guy so I this, might be a pretty good pickup I think that's right get the old widely veteran what else you wanna know, three game suspension for urban Meyer at Ohio State, that's a little surprising well and he gets to spend. It. For three weeks of pay. He makes seven. Million a year I think, you'll get by just barely I don't. Think we need to. Pass around. You see him out here when asked him by corn dog, Donald on Yeah yeah Anything else you? Wanna, know well Charles Johnson's retiring from the NFL really come. On. Quitter And I think that's kind of What are you gonna do. All your time come on play what we're gonna do birthdays on some of the folks that are gathered, this morning at the state fair get lots of valuable prizes we Well this folks no we're giving, away hearty handshake again this. Year Limbering up down with Entercom budget is way over the top so all the. Winner take all match between Tiger Woods. And Phil Mickelson is on so apparently a. Pay per view event. It'll be a shadow. Creek, in Las, Vegas, you golf a lot don't all the time I put that ball right through. The clowns knows. Every time that's right the pay per view cautious to be. Announced later I'll bet it is so anyway Jimmy you're gonna make are you going. To watch this is kind of right. Up your alley are you gonna watch tiger. And fill in a. Winner take all match Tiger. Woods hat today Okay Okay All. Right and Mickelson is she likes to bet on the. Course so I would give she loves from Sybase gone good for those kids because there was a time when allegedly they didn't like each other kind of like you and. Me, well what's change, anyway Princess occasion join us here in a few. Minutes she last. Night all that straight. Ahead it is a. Six. Forty five w. WC show sports brought to you by federated. Insurance some really good people over. There Andrew Martin's is one of. Them Andrew proc knows another. One Tim backlands another. One, hey, Tammy Jo I think just finished twenty five years at federated and he'll probably another twenty, five at least this is the kind of longevity is they have at federated insurance where it's just such a wonderful place to, work and that's evidenced by the Star, Tribune putting them in the top one, fifty Minnesota. Workplaces, again that does not surprise me at all Ascii. Fine and when you see him on a new, Brighton four sleep or the legendary Nick Smith automation, Kato Nikki I needed to my. Neighbor he's leaving for school down. There Cato, university Minnesota state mankato's, today. Mama And dad are going to be a little tear yet I think that's a that's a tough moment emotionally but, you know the folks at federated insurance, I know they've hired a lot of, kids out. Of, that Minnesota state Mankato places well that college so. A lot of good things happening there and the, main thing is that you've got a business to, run they protect businesses and get. A plus ratings man they're awesome. Federated it's, their business to protect, yours The.

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