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By Jack Callaghan. Fox News more charges against actor jussie smollet, Chicago grand jury indicting him on sixteen felony counts misleading police about what they've concluded was a faked hate crime in late January police concluded small at filed a false report and stage the hoax paying two brothers to act as his assailants small. It was initially charged with one count of filing a false police report, and is free and a one hundred thousand dollar bond has pleaded not guilty and says he will clear his name boxes. Bad fibs bullets attorney Marghera Garrigo slamming via abide calling them redundant ten vindictive smollet had previously been charged with felony disorderly conduct. A judge has ordered former army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning jail. She refused to testify to Virginia grand jury investigating WikiLeaks saying she objects to the secrecy of the grand jury process. The judge says Betty will stay in jail until she testifies or the grand jury concludes its work consoling people along. I homes and family members to last Sunday's devastating tornado President Trump and first lady Melania visiting southeast Alabama on Friday. We couldn't get here. Fast enough. I wanted to come the day it happened. But I spoke with the governor. She said just give us a little more time the survivors inside some of the Bible's survivors pulled from the rubble. They also paid their respects at a memorial to the twenty three people killed by the storm as the cleanup continues the area could be hit by severe thunderstorms this weekend a workplace shooting in suburban Houston, one person found dead in an office, captain, Tim Holyfield of the Bubby county sheriff's office says that wasn't all there is also a secondary saying that appears to be related.

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