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All captured the attention of sports fans throughout north america. Well i was in the record business years ago. A friend of mine and i were having a drink to the new york city and he said look. I got an extra ticket to the garden tonight. the rangers are playing montreal. And i said what's that all about and he said well. It's the hockey league which to mass yoko. Everything else do that night. So we went to the old guard. And i fell in love with the game. Instantaneously is without question. Great a spectator sport. I had ever seen the buildings or foam. They'd been full for years. And years and the competition between the six teams who was absolutely at its highest writing that popularity. The time had come to enlarge the sixteen league. I heard that the national hockey was expanding from six to twelve teams. I thought that it would be great. To apply. for a franchise. Ed snider who was working with the philadelphia eagles at the time thought the city of brotherly love with fall for hockey just like he did. But other cities were applying and philadelphia's his in hockey was not good all the other applicants for the six franchises were from cities that had pretty successful minor league hockey operations for for a number of years toward off was the only one that hadn't they had seven or eight minor league teams that it failed or been one quickly aborted attempt in the thirties to have it. Nhl team so there was no history of philadelphia really being an effort at all. However ed snider along with bill putnam and others persisted and on february ninth nineteen sixty six. Their hard work was rewarded. This is the year of the great expansion for the first time. The league will be composed of tall teams. Clarence campbell presider ads. The teams entered the league the philadelphia flyers minnesota north stars..

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