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You have both of candidates Who are willing to. Kind of stray from the party line, and embrace pragmatic policy solution You know, to do with they think is bad and you know the best chance to get elected and that's that's very different than the sort of fire and brimstone that Bannon is prescribing right now Well you have Republican voters in that state of course I mentioned that Senator Joe Donnelly's the incumbent It, makes you wonder if Don Donald we really has a choice here whether yeah good point good point but. Broad definitely does have a choice and Braun could do. Sort, of fire and brimstone ban with adjusting. But I, think the voters have had enough of this You know in some races voters are thinking Itself No I like the tax. Cut I love judge excited for for, Cavanaugh but you, know I've been told for the last two years that, the you, know existential do or die cage. Match I think that a lot of voters are probably tired of the rhetoric is that a band, instead if, they if it was held, today there would be a Blue Wave and they could use they could lose the Senate and the. House is that what he's talking? About I think. So and you, know it's. Interesting there was a poll that came out of New Hampshire not long, ago which said that four out of ten Republicans would actually welcome a primary challenger against President Trump in twenty. Twenty and what was so interesting about that? Poll is those Republicans dead that, they you, know, overwhelmingly we're talking about seventy five eighty percent of those Republicans that the economy was better than Trump and about the same. Number Said, that they liked, his judicial pick but they feel that President Trump needed, a challenger, in the primary come twenty twenty. I think what that shows is a lot of voters are happy with. The way Republicans are approaching the economy, and approaching approaching policy but, they don't like the current rhetoric and they don't necessarily like with the president is doing personally right. Now obviously it's New Hampshire which? Is kind of. A a more, moderate state. But we we saw another morning console or earlier it may which just, about the same thing which was that thirty eight percent of Republicans thought that it'd be good if President Trump. Had a challenge this is a problem for? Republicans these Bayer checking their boxes, and doing, almost, everything that they said they were going to when they got elected and now you have now you have their own voters Kind of having cold feet and looking to the presidential, election that that's that's a huge warning flag for the midterms Nancy Pelosi you would think it's a huge warning. Flag for Democrats when, you have incumbents and challengers saying they will not. Support her, as speaker if they if there is that so-called Blue Wave and she's blamed it, on the media I I think Democrats have a problem on their hands to when it comes to leadership. Oh absolutely I mean like Nancy. Pelosi has been democratic leadership since what two thousand and four I mean she is not going anywhere and there's, going to be a real big ugly fight over this Over a relationship. What's kind, of interesting about the the, democratic leadership fight is that I think a lot of those candidate Are willing to say that they don't. Want to support Nancy Pelosi and Abdullah her inside conference win the Democratic Party on their own for this And then like say they might might actually support her on the floor I with this back that a, lot, of them are just trying to great flexibility for themselves by opposing her. Right now Interesting, thought there Philip we appreciate, your time, as. Always, thank you so much man anytime, at all right that's Philip minis a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner you can check out his latest piece surprising, centrism in the Indiana Senate, race surprising indeed when you have Senator Joe Donnelly who's on board. When it comes to the border wall and several immigration key immigration measures that President Trump is supporting and then his Republican challenger, Braun, who wants to, repeal ObamaCare like the rest of his party but he doesn't want. To end protections for pre existing conditions like some of his colleagues. Take us with you wherever you go download the talk stream, live free mobile app. Reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook. I met Matt Ray talk use the hashtag f. n. breaking overnight Microsoft has uncovered new Russian hacking attempts targeting US. Political groups ahead of the midterms we'll discuss it next with our cybersecurity expert Dr Eric Cole here on America's First News.

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