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Donna adams did you get smart growing up. Did you say shoop phone and everything also another great tidbit to throw in here is that lucille ball actually reached out to them and said that she really appreciated love the show like she contacted them so to get a endorsement from a comedic legend like lucille ball. And it was. They were great. They were a great buddy comedy. Show yeah and i think they probably took a lot of inspiration from lucille ball and her physical comedy absolutely as well. Yeah an see that tradition. Go on in. People like like will grace for moen grace. She's great musical comedian. The inspiration from the show comes from a very interesting place feel ancient. Tell us about that. So the show came out in nineteen eighty six Just a couple of years after the nineteen eighty four summer olympics in los angeles when america was experiencing a wave of renewed patriotic sentiment. So people were mary perot. America rah-rah america's links. That just happened. So here we have these producers with this idea for a comedy about an immigrant in america and guess what happened. They took it to all three major commercial networks then and they all rejected. Abc cbs nbc. We're like no we don't wanna hear about immigrants right now sounds familiar. Doesn't it interesting given. Isn't that interesting. Similar things repeat themselves like all. I'm saying is it's twenty twenty. Look around. yeah. And i think you know we really need some good shows about immigrants now but obviously it would. It would happen in a way but the thing is like these kind of sitcoms also and we'll get into a little bit later really around there are shows there are on streaming that are told now from different points of the very very enlightening but back even back. Then they're like nope no immigrants. So the other thing that happened in nineteen eighty-four bronson pinchot. Oh played this character called sash in eddie. Murphy's beverly hills cop hilarious. He steals the scene every he's not in it a lot but he soon minute seen one like two minutes the feminine art gallery employees and he steals every scene. He's in he also has a similar unplayable foreign accent so when miller boy at saw that they were like we need him to play the immigrant and at that point the show was originally called the greenhorn. Which isn't that. Is that a slur away. A little bit problematic rate however brunson couldn't take the role the taken this role of a gay attorney in a nbc show called sarah alongside gena davis that was eventually cancelled. It nights and eighty. I don't remember sarah at all. I don't even. I mean we were young. I guess but so one thing about sarraj's you can search became the character of surge who is only in beverly hills cop for at most two minutes that one scene rocketed bronson pin show to such.

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