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Best friends. Most the time I felt like they were married and I was just a bystander. Everybody. It's mad One see how you were doing. I really like her face. Hey, Free Lu e Feeling tired. Thanks for being here. We'll miss it. Way talk for a minute, Matt. It's going to get very hard. You're going to see things from the cold Never seen before. You need to do this alone. Come help you get to the other side of this love toe. When you watch the trailer this movie, it seems a lot more lighthearted than the movie is, And it's not that those things aren't in the movie. It's that the trailer makes it feel like It's almost like a little bit more serious of a movie than you, Me and Dupree, where it's like you've got this goofy friend who's involved in their relationship, and there's a lot of silly scenes and whimsical moments, and there are but they really kind of distilled a lot of the comedy and the light hearted moments into that trailer. Most of the movies about this woman who has cancer, and it's based on a true story. It's about a real journalist. It shows his life with his wife and their kids. And when she gets cancer, how they're friends of theirs. He's kind of like the fifth wheel all the time, and they even have another friend that they talked to in the movie where he's like he's kind of a loser, and, you know he doesn't have much of a life. And why is he still hanging around you, But it's really where a friend steps up. And helps out another friend. I've obviously never gone through this. Thank God. I mean, this is a horrible thing to deal with. You know, if you have a loved one, especially who's young? You know Dakota Johnson plays The wife, So, I mean Chan lived a full life yet she was getting cancer or thirties, and this stuff happens and it's it's devastating and it's awful. And it's rough, especially when you've got kids. Particularly younger kids who are losing a parent, and I mean there's a lot of emotions to unpack and deal with. And that's what most of this movie is. And to that extent, I mean, the acting's very good. I mean, Casey Affleck does his understated re tread of Manchester by the sea. He's not really the stand out of this. The stand out, I would say, I think Dakota Johnson kind of steals the show when it comes to her parts, But I mean, she does they do fall into and I hate to say cliche because it's based on a true story. It's just that cliches become cliches for a very good reason. And that's because When somebody is dying of cancer. These things happen and these things are said It is a realistic portrayal of what would happen even if it is something that happens a lot. But she does a good job with her role. And Jason Siegel is the is the friend. He doesn't find job. This is just not my cup of tea, and also I'm not a big fan of the structure of it and like is that everything that I take issue with in this movie? Is more of a taste issue. It's it's something that I don't particularly like. And I tried to recognize that when I see a movie where I'm like, Well, this is it sort of this hodgepodge of jumping around the time line, and it's almost he's fly on the wall scenes. It's It's not a through narrative. And that's just not something that clicks with me in this format. I've seen plenty of movies that have a disjointed structure, but I just didn't like the way this was put together. But it's a totally a taste issue. I don't think it's bad filmmaking. So ultimately, our friend, I think is a decent movie. Personally, I'm going to say it kind of sucks. But if you like this sort of thing, If you like to tear jerker, you'll probably enjoy this one because it's defective. But still why is that? I got to say kind of sex. It can to sucks. I don't like the sound of that You're listening. In fact, I was at the movies with Kevin Carr. The next thing I want to talk about is the sister. And I say Thing is, it's a TV series. It's a miniseries. On who a man with a connection to a woman's murder ends up marrying her sister and finding himself covering up his past. Are you doing digging up the woods?.

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