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So I I have a few people in saying Lynch's hold off a little while longer, and if not, we'll figure something else out. So, it's effected that I can't do my events I go to farmers market sometimes and that sort of been out so. It's definitely affected it. Fortunately. Our company has really stepped up for us. When they realized everyone was going to be at home cooking in March they put all our pod and being products on half price, and then when they realized people were sending out chocolate to friends and family they put all that on sale. And we have a health and wellness line, which now there it was unsound recently too because people are like worried about what they call it the Kobe nineteen I guess. So you do like virtual like guess. Chocolate party is the. Yes, I do virtual cooking events. I'd done virtual Chaka parties I recently did a virtual wine and chocolate pairing. I know you talk to Linda the other day and she mentioned it and it was really fun i. mean she had some of my product diets occurs. And I'm not a big drinker but I, get. You by the ad like had to big glasses of wine and it was out in anything goes kind of thing for me. Yeah, very cool. So what's your? What's your favorite kind of chocolate? Are you a dark dark chocolate like chocolate? He now I don't know it depends it. It sort of based. Normally. I would say milk chocolate but we have these dark chocolate sea salt elements that are like the one thing. I mean, after doing this rate and a half years I can put it aside those if there's an open bag in the house. Like three weeks into this I put on our on our one of our group pages said. asking for a friend how long should bag a dark chocolate covered almonds A. Dark. Chocolate Sea salt downlands last. Around thought that was really funny. Friend very important asking. Right so that dark chocolate, that's a big thing but you know just chocolate is amazing. Can I did a whole class for seniors? On how to be a more educated co consumer 'cause. I used to teach and I love to read. So everyone I know gives me books on chocolate than than I started. There is a senior center I volunteered at I started talking to them about in a state come a presentation. So. Now, I'd like done a million presentations all over about the history of chocolate how it's made and..

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