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Ricky. Steamboat man. His back is huge. Yeah he just in phenomenal shape still right. This crowd is just. It's been at fever. Pitch this entire max. Where is the term fever pitch come for host. The i don't know that'd be a good. Isn't that you're usually. I'm the one that comes up with that. I would just be curious. You hear terms like that Rather than the corner who had a big chops state of intense excitement and agitation. I know what it may. I known use of eighteen forty six. But that's all i see. The first known use a fever pitch was in eighteen forty six. Well thanks for the insight doctor. Wizard mister wizard should so must have been something to do with Know baseball or something was baseball in eighteen forty six. Now i'm going to have to look that up. What have you got there is here talk for. Flares got steamboat by the hair. Andre checking on steamboat. Meghan sure he's all right. Flare pounding away and andrei still right there. Talking to steamboat. And andre may want to end this but steamboat saying no steamboat. Now trying to get to feed as flare gist hunting down that big job on steamboat with chop flair with a knee steamboat off. The roads uses the momentum for diving. Double chop never seen that before and now at flair on the defensive in steamboat to his feet steamboat went up for one of the highest elbows. I've seen but flair able to move out of the way. Andre the giant just drink six beers mouth are going. That pet didn't need across the head. This i'm trying to figure out which auditorium. This would have been. Doc can come up with is actually a musical term for a change in the pitch about okay to a higher intensity as the first wrestling move. We'd really seen in this. We've been watching this about seven minutes suplex so explain to me what a wrestling move would be as as far for me for you to not tell me the greatest of all time in possibly the greatest entering worker of all time. I would like for you to let me know what wrestling moves. They should be doing. I wasn't saying it was good or bad. Uh-huh andre call flare coming off the top rope and that now i will say this andrei intervened and he shouldn't have there a book. Shouldn't be if you're not supposed to come off the top run. Oh well i don't. I don't know what the rules are. During this time if i had to guess in mid atlantic in the seventies years you you shouldn't come off the top wrote classic flare. I mean he had to know. I'll get by gone and sat down beside one of those fans and said nine over the next eleven years. These guys going to have some of the grace matches ever. They would say well. I'm watching one of the great right now. Say who would say yeah no. I'm sitting here watching this match right now between them. I can see how good it is. Andres like you got thrown over the top rope. There's the police sit down. sit down. well it appears again. These are all incomplete matches and it automatically went to andre the giant and blackjack mulligan versus ric flair and ken patera. I you know the late eighties. Even as much as i read and have tried to learn about crockett before we started watching like everybody like paul i. I was reading something about paul orndorff. How they're like he should've been. Nwea champion like he had great runs and mid atlantic that you just unaware of if i'm not mistaken randy. Savage was there as a as a enhancement. Oh wow thank. I'm pretty pretty confident about that. Jimmy snuka obviously was a right like you know all the it really is true. like mcmahon gist picked picked picked at you know. And that's the same thing tony kahn. Tony kahn's going to all the smaller promotions picking their best. You know raiding the indies raiding daniel bryan rate and guys like him and alastair black lacob lack. What are these other promotions. I supposed to do these little small mom and pop promote main. It's a family operation. What really in stamford connecticut. How are they supposed to compete. What are they gonna do like. They don't have any international superstars that are in the movies or anything like that. They're going to be like they have like the number one box office draw as twenty years as one of their is probably going to be coming back soon. How's it how's the rock coming back. Oh help wwe right. Right really honestly. Is anybody even know who that is. Nobody and let maybe maybe they can bring in. Vin diesel to kind of show him how to work. How how is the rock coming back going to compete. When aws bringing in guys like nick gage. Warhorse right. I mean it's not fair really is not fair. Somebody should say to tony kahn. You're hurting the biz slowdown. You're killing the business killing the business. Stop it stop rating. Our talent stop it. Just stop you look silly. I mean he's hiring. All these guys from japan. And.

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