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Every day couple here listening to me because i am completely out of my mind but at least much transparency share that and i get what i need so you get this love this morning minute folks bego guess what else. They slapped cleaning playing again. Why have you look like you. Gill clean halfway. You can tell somebody's skin how to college looking skin cleared his mind. If you got a big ogata bump on your forehead you know what it is to my new people with skillet. You know the deal my debts. So imagine every organ. It's below your stomach. And above your rectum sweet store. You hate re going to be move your hate on a daily basis. I keep saying. I'm say till to the to what they say. Back in the data cows. Along move on a up tuesday support because they get a three for one three. Oh three for god. You don't even get that at your fast food. Restaurant gets more to start right because love and you get you get clean. We can go on with your day now and saying all this michigan by new people and this goes to my best share the show barbour just said it. We have busing. I asked to saving lives on say on the reverse. You save in our lives to do us a favor if you don't mind share to show it starbucks because when we take a break at the end of the but i don't know what y'all gonna do replaced watched replays hit you with that announcement. Toddlers is out so gather around my friends and up camp harvey why we take you on this. Mr cool magical radd never never land where we are going to go up and down with emotions because in this show and what we do here. Each and every day we going to play mental gymnastics Go on to jim. Go work out your muscles physical muscles. That's something else but you watch your mental gymnastics. You doing pushups in your mind today. That's the type of work we put it on this show now. A twenty nine minutes after the hour on the east coast. Just want to say one thing to things in baltimore. Start distinct okay. That's that's that's that's some good. The data's rapidly approaching our sunday night. Laughs is going down this sunday. April eighteenth at the mill for. Where's that locate your mind. Eight thirty one southville drive in eastern pennsylvania will kick doors open up at five. Pm nice and early showtime try to six. It's headlined headline the new york king talent talent. Okay okay oh we have a life sized crowds coming out. It's almost sold out. I want i need the next ten people to sell stinger which is hosted by your boy me junior natural ordinary canadian as is this real different jokes energies. Real different different mahmoud. Al gore is going to be in the building. We gonna have a good time. Come on out to the iron mill was located game. Eight thirty one south delaware drop eastern pennsylvania. God bless you thank you so much come on out wing specials food specials and we have an after party by dj hassle. Okay so the when. The show's over and this is not a long join. Our show be fine. We have more time at six o'clock. I don't know if you'll know when i do comedy shows or people hire me to hold shows. I start on time. He does with us. Ep stuff with the cpi snap wargin right set. That was so much. Grace instance dow just like cpt was sample. Harvey rejects colored. People time. I start eastern standard time. You bet your bottom dollar about six. Oh to walk right to that state. If i didn't even start already started five fifty nine and then after that after new. Your king doesn't because he's going to rip. The role must guaranteed. Guess what we're gonna put some. Mingle going to play some music. You don't necessarily have to walk out and leave because it's gonna be early enough to wait still hang out and we also have some after after the comedy show drinks and food specials if you just want to hang out opening so come on now. I am ill sundays. The new saturday night. was mill located at one. More time eight. Thirty one south delaware dr eastern pennsylvania costa rica. Oh my god oh napa coast week. your in two months ago three months ago when harvey announced his nose up to deploys. On god bless them and y'all was running around here skid of the cocoa and you always running around hip close. One of them was staying in. The house is like the movies out. Sure they're going to get out there in the host tonight to twenty twenty sweet. What's called the brooklyn i don't want to. I'm going to stay here in my house and rot like tomato on the on the window ledge. I was saying. We're going to costa rica. Bobby and everybody that about the bougainville. That's what we won over five hundred people in the building and i commend you guys for not the through in the movie boot lease dictate vacation for two thousand and twenty one. Costa rica ultimate soul escaped twenty twenty one over five hundred people in the bail show where he will be in the building building. Hit me up. Still not too late to registered for this event i got. I got a four last weekend and to sunday. Oh more more. More was african americans and some babylonia building. It me up ultimate escape july twenty second to twenty six point down to costa rica. How many hours is that flight. Why half we'll take a look at that because We know we might be more for out looking go. You'll find out right now so. Hit me up if you wanna do that. Whole thing theme parties every night of the week carry nightside parties in the daytime for me clone. I don't even drink. But i'll tell you one thing. I am not sleeping the time well..

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