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Let's just assume that we come to our senses regarding climate at some point and again this is an idea that is not only good for climate it is good for cultural land right and we are i spoke to some people who said you know we're facing this much bigger problem we basically don't have any more agricultural land but we need to start from you need to feed a lot more people so needs to be more productive than it is now you could say well yeah let's stop giving corn to a lot of other prob in the agricultural era i mean we've artificially privileged corn for starters we pay people way too much money to do something that comes naturally which growing food for people in the name of quote food security which i think just a cover for giving money to your friends so there are a lot of things we could do to fix agricultural but whether agriculture could be part of a climate change solution if things get bad i think is definitely important worth considering yeah but i think you're not gonna get farmers on board talking about climate nope right correct it's not gonna happen believe it's even real active in that i don't know that for fact but for example bay says i talking to the farmers that i talked to doing this regenerative agriculture they're like climate change whatever you know i just have to make sure trying to do their job they're not so interested in public policy and get sympathetic to it's more than that it's that they don't believe it's real because they read state people.

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