Meghan Perry, Dr Vivek Mercy, President Obama discussed on San Diego's Morning News with Ted and LaDona


It's a 40 minute delay nor found at Santa Cedrone 15 minutes out of time. A so great driving for these county. We do have some chain requirements of the mountains, Palamar and Laguna because of the snow and ice last night, this report's right churches. Senate. Finally, church's new chicken sandwiches here with almost 70 years of the kitchen. You could bet they put the work into it to make it worth it. It's everything you love about churches between two buns Get it today at 3 99, Thanks for waiting churches bringing that down on flavor. I'm Kevin de Coco. Sex Real time Traffic update Just 10 minutes away. Now let's check in with 10 news meteorologist Meghan Perry. Good morning, Meghan. Good morning. Guys were drying out today, though it will remain quite chilly, especially this morning. Highs remain well below normal through the work week. The coast in the low to mid sixties in the valleys in the mid sixties, With San Diego's most accurate forecast, maybe see 10 news meteorologist Megan Perry. Right now. In Ramona. It's 39 degrees Pretty chilly. Looks like us and Marcos is 46 Downtown. Cloudy and 53 Kogo news time 7 30 to this hour of the news is brought to you by reborn cabinets. One major pharmaceutical company is claiming it's covert 19 vaccine is almost ready Visor announced that its covert 19 vaccine candidate has been more than 90% effective. The company said that in face three trials the vaccine has proven to promote Accion efficiency rate above 90%, meaning more than nine in 10 of those who were tested for the vaccine had developed protection against the virus. Seven days after getting the second shot. It began phase three testing in the summer, which consists of testing about 30,000 voluntary participants in a double blind study. Visor is already in the process of producing millions of doses of its vaccine candidate as it waits for FDA approval. Zachary Barnes Kogo news One of Joe Biden's first acts as president elect is announcing his Corona Virus Advisory board that will help him during the transition period. Griff Jenkins has more from Wilmington, Delaware. We got our first major Biden transition team press release, hitting our inbox at five a one AM announcing The President elect's Cove in 19 Advisory council that will be led by three people. Dr David Kessler, Dr Vivek Mercy and Dr Marcella Nunes Smith. Now Dr Mercy's name may sound familiar because President Obama named him to be the nation's top doctor in 2014, but President Trump.

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