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Hi. We knew nothing about Emily Dickinson. Maybe a few lines from the old penguin poetry classic. I'm nobody who are you are you nobody to and I think David remembered hope is the thing with feathers, but these librarians these keepers of the story Lord US in the kitchen sisters present Emily, Dickinson's hidden kitchen chapter one black cake. Is Emily Dickinson herself a left she's about eight or nine in. That painting sister Lydia is holding picture of a cat. And we was Merv dog person. We don't often think of her as being a redhead, but there's a little lock of her hair. And it's definitely that color. Referred to as the myth, not often steam Natori for wearing white some people's knew that she wrote was what she was known for. He was probably better known as a Baker a poet in her lifetime her gingerbread. The first thing that struck me. I'm gene McClure, mud writer. I live in Emily Dickinson's house in Amherst as a faculty wife, I resident curator Emily would break. Gingerbread little oval cakes. Put little flowers on top and lower them breadbasket from her window to the children below. They couldn't see her a mystery. Emily Dickenson liked to shock people. She liked to break rules. There was a kind of rebellious freedom in her inner world. She has a poem that begins. They shut me up in prose as when a little girl when they wanted her to be still and she says, boy, they should have seen the wheels. In my brain, go round. My name is Christopher Ben Fe. I teach at mount holyoke college where Emily Dickinson spent a year of her life. She's very well educated for a woman of her time. She liked science and botany what she did not like was one of the stated purposes of the college to convert young women to be Christian 'cause finding Christ as their personal savior. Christ is calling everyone here all my companions have answered even my darling Vinnie believes, she loves and trusts him. And I am standing alone and rebellion and growing very careless. She was one of the students. Who were declared without hope she said, some keep the Sabbath go into church, I keep it staying at home with a Bob link for a chorister an orchard for a dome. My name is Emily Elizabeth Dickinson. Julie Harris in the Belle of Amherst, this is my introduction black cake. It's my own special recipe. I do all the baking here homestead. I even bang the spice for this cake. It's black cake of flour. The black cake is a cake that calls for nineteen x five reasons to of current two pounds of butter in one and a half pounds substantial cake always nineteen pounds than agencies. That's before he put the brandy. Five teaspoons of close black cake. First appears in the eighteen forties in cookbooks. It's Caribbean in its origin. The cinnamon the Mace it's very tied up with the sugar trade and Lassus yen, please sprinkle in all eight pounds. When you think about Emily Dickinson, the myth in the white dress anything about her in the kitchen, the physicality of making that cake. This is a social Kate. So counter to Emily and her remove from the world. I found the one Emily Dickinson poem that mentions a cake. I'm Heather coal. My name.

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