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Sports radio eight five five two one two four CBS in just a moment. Gun Talk a little or football. That's now drew baseball Jim bone. But first we are to talk some football segment. More call. Let's do it. Let's go to Portland Oregon knocks. Thanks for listening. You're on CBS sports radio. Something Bill first thing. First thing take your finger off the dump button, you cut so many people off. I got I got I got. Trigger finger the finger is you got it. Oh, well, not my job. I'm just kidding. Go ahead. No, no. No, no. Got. Thinking of his way or the guy all different things. I haven't seen it yet. Good. It's a more suspense only shows how Batty it at the very very end. And then they fought Bruce Willis in there. And he says nothing, but I wanted to talk about the Denver Broncos. I'm stuck up here in Seattle Seahawks area and my wife my three daughters are all Seahawks fan. I don't know how. But I love seeing them play Sunday wondering how you think we're going to do this year. 'cause I really respect you as a broadcaster. And I want to go from there. I did it knocks. Thanks for calling. No trigger fingers today. I like the Broncos and what they can be. If they have a quarterback who can be serviceable, and there were some mic signs this opening weekend from case keenum he threw several touchdown passes. And I think maybe three in front of me was the three, but he also had three interceptions. And so you measure this the way Bill bar sells said you have to that scoreboard for week one. He put up what twenty seven point twenty four points beat that Seahawks team that Broncos defense. I think is going to be pretty good. They hassled Russell Wilson a good deal. So the jury for me Knox is still out on the Broncos. I don't have an answer yet. I don't know yet. But I'm cautiously optimistic about that football team. And I think they have the chance to make the AFC west pretty darn interesting. If keenum can be good member last year and case keenum had a lot of weapons around a Minnesota. It turns out that feeling and digs those guys. Those. There's some skill there. No Delvin cook though. But still there's some skill. They're in a very impressive offensive line. Keenum was really good. He had what twenty two touchdown passes or I think just seven interceptions seventy nine somewhere in that single digit range. I think it was seven, and if he can translate some of that to Denver, and he has some weapons in Denver to it's not like he's going to a place that doesn't have any receivers. Then. Yes, I think he can have some success. And I think he's a pretty interesting quarterback that we had keenum on the show last Thursday great job by Stewart Kovacs making that booking. I say this all the time. I always say it just because you're good at what you do. Doesn't mean. You're a good person. Just because you're a good person. Doesn't mean you're successful doesn't always translate good person to great leader great quarterback. But I like case he was a cool guy. He was down to earth. He was likable. He has a chip on his shoulder, but it's not off putting and I could see in that Denver Bronco. Coz culture or they've gone through so many quarterbacks who haven't worked out who have had a bit of chip on their shoulder. Member Brock Osweiler was put out he got benched for Peyton Manning. Which at the time seemed a little off putting because he's Peyton Manning. Manning wasn't very good. And then it turned out Brock Osweiler is a bomb. And can't trace did you even know where he's at right now. I believe he's with the dolphins is of their backup quarterbacks. I was trying to think today who is on the street that the Buffalo Bills could go get right now rather than start Nate Peterman or throw Josh Allen to the wolves. And the only name I could think of was Brady Quinn. He's a friend of ours, and a friend of the show Matt castles in Detroit, and he already through a pick in his first game of the year. Osweiler. You said is the backup with the dolphin. They're just there aren't that many good options out there, the raiders cut EJ Manuel the former bill's quarterback after this. So he could be an option. I guess. All right. So cubeys on the street. I think that should be the move, by the way, I do think there's some irony in the fact that as much as tyrod Taylor showed some of his weaknesses in one game. The bills are in a position where they're gonna have to ruin the guy. They drafted to replace him in part because they don't. Have anyone to play? You could have just kept her on Taylor. Played him. He led to the playoffs last year. Right. It's not. And I think the fallacy of the thinking of the bills for an office, and they do deserve a little bit of credit to be fair. That's a long suffering franchise. And they did make the postseason last year wasn't a sterling records like they went thirteen and three but scoreboard Bill Parcells again, you are what your record says you are. And the bills records said they were playoff team last season. However, I think John Dorsey showed the shortcoming or the short term thinking of what the bills for an office was contemplating when they moved rod Taylor because it's not like Cleveland doesn't have a quarterback of the future. And they're plugging this hole for a while. They're in the exact same situation buffalo, they drafted a guy. That's their guy. In fact, obviously Baker Mayfield drafted a lot higher than Josh L. These decisions matter not just in the short term, but in the long term and whether Baker. Mayfield is starting to week three or Toronto. They're starting to week three. Whether Taylor is a great year or does never very good year. I'm telling you. It's a mistake by buffalo. You don't trade trod jelly when you bring a Josh Allen. It's a reason to keep it. You gotta make make sure somebody out and that's an assessment issue. I mean, we every one of us are enough from Peterman last year and that one game just to think yourselves. Do you really think he's got it five interceptions in his first game? And people have bad starts. I mean Sam darnold through pick six hundred very I play and we made fun of on the show yesterday. And he looked pretty good after that. But man, what are they seen in practice that he can't? It's like the opposite of Cinderella. Right. He's turned it into a pumpkin at the wrong time. I during the ball because zero point zero passer rating that's awesome on the front office. You have to be able to evaluate this guy properly. They obviously like Peterman enough they thought he could be a stopgap and they get rid of tyrod Taylor. And that's all I got off on a tangent. I love tangents eight five five two on two four CBS new phone number. Let's go to. Eric in Green Bay, Eric. What's up, man? Thanks for listening. You're on CBS sports radio. What's going on? So it's kind of half jokingly but half serious. I think they'd take any decent quarterback play out there. The name that I didn't hear said, Johnny football. He's he's been sober. He's been cleaned doing what he's supposed to over in Canada. And from everything I've read he's putting up decent numbers. You know, he looks like he's at a different level than the people around him what you should be. But I I would say fourth kicking the tires the guy. Definitely would hold it a little closer to the chest. And not wanna let all that goal. This time round also back and listen. Thanks, Bridget, man. My first reaction was no way. My second reaction was who cares. If Johnny Manziel gets David card, right? It's not like he's the future long-term plans of buffalo. Here's an I know this is not going to. I know this is not gonna come up. I get it. And he suing the NFL, and we'll we're way past that Colin Kaepernick still free agent is match up shop. Where's he at? The atlanta. I think he's Atlanta Atlanta. Yeah. Mark Sanchez is the backup. I think in maybe Chicago. I know he was for a minute. I mean, there's not a lot of guys out there, by the way. Do you wanna take a moment to to say and bring this up today, obviously is a really important day in this country. It's nine eleven we're not far here at our studios from the memorial. I intended to get down there today. I go by a lot on the way to work. Didn't do it. I might go tonight afterwards without walking down. And I have nothing I can add nothing overly poignant or new to the conversation. We're we are all as a country. At every moment. I think when we think about nine eleven on nine eleven probably unified and the reality that all of us can remember where we are. When that happened, whatever age was it ironic ironic, but I was actually playing a sport of all things when the first plane one of the tower, even though it was what I think of Tuesday morning. I was in Little Rock Arkansas and has never did this play tennis with a friend of mine before work and driving home. My story. My memory all these cars were stopped in the street. You know, and it was I mean, this isn't the war well before the Walking Dead, obviously. But just sort of a sign out of that just this eerie moment so didn't want there's not a lot I can add. But obviously thoughts and prayers to everyone impacted and whatever are difficult at times as a country. It is the greatest country on the face of the earth and is difficult as today is as a memory. It's also reminder, I think of our fortitude as. Americans. I am I was a newspaper reporter, obviously in Little Rock Arkansas brothers up when nine eleven happened. And one of the things that I was assigned was there was a flight attendant on one of the flights who whose plane obviously crashed into one of the towers, and she was from Batesville Arkansas, which was in it is in northeast, Arkansas and. I was assigned basically to interview her parents, not friends, but spent a lot of time with family her name was Sarah low, and she was on flight eleven and thoughts and prayers to her parents who got to know, anyway, we'll talk sports, but I did want to I want the show to go by without acknowledging that guys you remember were you in school when you were younger than I am. Yeah. I was in fourth grade. And I just remember the day coming home and seeing that scene the coverage. It's amazing thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers to everybody today. And one of the memories I have of nine eleven by the way is a lot of things unified us in the days. At a lot of things reminded us of the best parts of ourselves with one of them was sports, right? One of them was these pretty incredible moments at sporting events across America as we came together as a country..

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