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Hello from wonder media network. I'm jenny kaplan and this is encyclopedia will manica in case. You're just tuning in. Here's the deal every weekday for a year for taking five minutes. Tell the story of a woman from throughout history and around the world you may or may not know about but definitely should each month is themed and this month. We're talking about villain. S.'s women historically have either been put on pedestals peta souls antiquated with purity and goodness or have been berated as evil and morally irredeemable but women like all people are complex and diverse first this month. We'll be talking about some women who really were villains and others who were painted as such but maybe deserve historical redemption for today's villainous is an interesting example of a woman who is deemed horrifically evil. Perhaps incorrectly we're talking about a sixteenth century hungarian count tests jess the purportedly murdered hundreds of local young women and bathe in their blood some even say she was the inspiration for dracula. Let's talk about elizabeth with battery. Elizabeth was born in fifteen sixty into an extremely prominent protestant family of hungarian nobility. Her family controlled the territory. The of transylvania and her uncle stephan was king of poland. We know very little about elizabeth's early life other than the fact that she was raised at her family's castle in fifteen seventy. Five elizabeth was just fifteen. She married the son of another powerful hungarian family and moved into a castle given to the couple as a wedding.

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