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In your eyes. It has of course the title track electric new anybody elsewhere electric youth perfume. Oh it was so bad and so good at the same time. The song nor rhyme was also on this album as well as we could be together. I mean this girl really saying some deep stuff. But that's Debbie Gibson for you. She's still doing her thing and going strong in nineteen ninety two just a few years later. I thought this was so funny. I am a fan of color. Me Bad one of my favorite Beverly Hills Nine O. Two episodes ever revolved around the great color. Me Bad but it just makes me laugh because people who are like music is so dernie these days and it's like yeah bitch because they won the soul train award for best rb soul single band group or duo and the R&B soul song of the year with none other than I wanna sex you up tick tock get on stop. Oh my gosh. It's so good. If you don't think of the episode of nine to one zero where Donna catches her mom cheating on Dr Martin. I mean seriously you need to go back and watch some nine. Oh Two because that's classic television. We're going to take a real hard turn. Only two years later but a hard turn to nineteen ninety four. This is the release date for nine inch nails album downward spiral. I don't WanNa go deep into this because I've been in kind of a funk on and off lately an downward spiral is an amazing album if you're in a funk if you're depressed downward spiral is maybe a really really good place for you to go. But I'm just going to my toe in that pond and move on one thing that's really funny. Though is this album came out and they were performing in Vegas with their opening act Mr Marilyn Manson so I went and saw Marilyn Manson open up for nine inch nails and I told my mom because I was like thirteen at the time. I told my mom I was going to play practice. And that's not where I was there. I said it all right. Well something that keeps me in. A great mood is Brittany and this was a rough week for Brittany as you heard in the news portion of this week show but a shoutout to two thousand eight piece of me by Queen Britney was number one on the dance club songs billboard chart and boy such a good one and I feel like Britney has spoken so much about her inner demons and the journey. She's been on with fame and celebrity and money and the whole roller coaster that has been her life and career and she's always been saying it but has people does not been listening. I mean going back to her second album with the song. Lucky I mean. Don't get me started there. We could be here for a while but since we're talking about peace of me I mean. This is the one where she sings. She's missus she's too big. No she's too thin. People call instantly commenting on her physical appearance. This is also the song where she referenced `Paparazzi and being able to get away from them. I mean heck she starts off..

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