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It's like they're against two. It was like a handicap match. Pretty sure i'm it's more to. It gets three but wait. Which would you put yourself on the pro side or damage or so. Say the average shot at but a pro poker player since like two thousand fourteen. You need you need it to i'd Support these other two ye. I disagree. I think you should be a part of the process. I mean i guess. I was a pro for three months last year and covet but and how that go pretty good may not ya. I hit a score online. Fourteen k at the beginning. Let's go that that that i didn't hit anything near that. After but at least my rent was paid so that seems like a positive but on our first barstool twitch night. I think everyone was pretty even throughout the entire game and then mincy ended up with. What quadruple anybody. Else sex topple. Maybe what last week. Yeah it loves. I mean what was it just like a ruffo cash game or yeah putting quotes like every started with what they two thousand thousand chips in ten twenty. Yeah then ended up with a pretty deep. You're just gonna sit and go now so we can do those. We'll do those in the future. That'll be really. It was really fun though. The twitch format you know. Obviously the first time we did it. You figured there'd be some kinks we're trying out something and you know. We took a little bit to get everybody on. But the dynamic i loved was different than online was our faces and talking it. It felt like your table and it just i in the software's really smooth. I mean we're gonna take advantage of it ryan restoring world. Poker made awesome winner. Kind of push people around. Let's do happy about that though. Some twitch streamers who will be doing that every week but ben minutes ended up with what sixteen cat. Yeah cool aku real bad. As as king the king of flop at the end to get a bunch and you know i mean that. That wasn't my skill. This is what episode ninety two high to other. Kragness is podcast. I'm nate that smitty. Ben mints jake tool and we have a live special guest in studio. We've had you on the show before briefly way back in the day you talked about the hand at wbz europe. What uber sweating and e and blah. So that's kristen harder. Yeah kirsten europe hear what grinding. Wp's and hoboken just hanging out with the boys on. Jake greg merson. Smaller people guarded. Wow how not naming. Some other people's kind messed up. Sorry i guess. I have to go down. Lists morrison yet or xinyang cher- he just had a good score and win. He went deep in the wind..

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