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Because i felt like the community in which i grew up in with so diverse that i didn't know it's like me asking somebody else. When did you know that you were none. African american or you know and i really didn't feel that until you know someone and they didn't know i'm kids can kids can be like totally ruthless. You know but like all of us like someone's like and makes like we like that standard. I gesture that personifies. What they think is an asian person you know. And then that's when i thought. Why would you do that. You know and he was. I was gonna tell you you know i did. I'm not supposed to mention what company it was. But i did my dna tests and all that stuff can show you this to consider all. I don't know if you know. All native americans have these cards. This is my cd ib card. It lists might percentage of indian blood as four fourths on so we have these. I have my tribal ide- here because we're the only ethnicity actually has government numbers and we're the only ethnicity that the government defines so we have federally recognized tribes an unrecognized tribes in the government does not consider you indian unless you have a role number and they can trace you so so anyway so according to the government. I'm one hundred percent. I look at this according to my dna. I am five point. Three percent northern asian three point nine percent manchurian mongolian. Wow there is a group here as well. Broadly east asian and native american. This one group and that's thirteen point five percent for me. I'm and Eighty three point nine percent percentile of native in asian blood. And they've also identify me with the tribe from outside of siberia so it just speaks to the land bridge then on we were talking earlier about the the mongolian birth more. Can you tell more lovely listeners. About that show us..

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