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If someone were to ask you for three words to sum up your reputation what would you say i didn't see that question coming says rachel bachman and this is the question that she asked the audience when she gave tedtalk this is a serious question yeah yeah rachel writes about how our reputations are kind of currency i think they would say loyal committed and passionate those are great words that's your reputation that that's what i'd like people to think yes and what people think of you drives what rachel and others call the trust economy people call it the sharing economy they call it the clubs economy clarity consumption whatever you call it trust is the social glue i mean think about it we exchange money without spanks you see things like lending club funding circle transfer wise weeks rides from strangers whether it's lift cycle uber and ride sharing we stay in other people's homes people we've never met from couch surfing to abby all the way to the high end of one day which is i think properties now ever a million dollars and all of those services run on trust here's how rachel describe it in her ted talk now what's happening here is people realizing the power of tech.

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