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Drake is signed to both young money and cash money shit those are his guys didn't take very long for lil wayne to respond in the next one very small text there you go but push it t and anybody that love him we'll wayne is not happy little wayne has a lot of weight in his words right like how do people respond to this tweet this is two thousand twelve we are really going way back you i have to say i even underestimated you know that you're the keeper of culture and knowledge you've going back to two thousand twelve on my ass impressed there's a lot there's a lot to impede you have to do rio since last night death did he put this together in like an hour off the top of that did you supplement actually i i have slide shows just for scenario so we'll wayne and drake a really close lil wayne's pissed off drake is mad he wants to fend his mentor who is little lane you could skip it you know it's just it's just some information some stuff i'm just as famous as my mentor but that's still the boss don't get what is what is that we don't need to rio this this is drake kind of sending the little shots and his twenty twelve song i'm as famous as my mentor he's talking about lil wayne that's still the boss get hype on tracks and jump in front of a bullet you weren't meant for though he's kinda going push a t leave lil wayne alone you don't wanna mess with me right right right so then things cool off until two thousand fifteen fash ford to jumping up meek mill i won't use the laser pointer i almost don't.

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