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93.1 kfbk. Currently 37 degrees in Sacramento was stories trending on the KFBK Morning news This morning, Wilton residents have successfully blocked a convicted sexual predator from moving into their neighborhood for now. Judge has temporarily blocked Daniel Shays ears moved to Wilton CBS. 13 is reporting the cheese years. Last known address is in Del Paso Heights. But officials notified residents last month that he has applied to rent a home in Wilton. Gavin Newsom's proposed new budget includes $4 billion for California's economy and green initiatives. Every case, Nico McGahee's report small businesses would get 575 Million and the money would pay for grants of up to 25,025 million would be allocated to small museums and art galleries that have been forced to close amid the pandemic. The governor and the state Legislature have already given 500 million to the program. So Tuesday's proposal would make more than one billion available. Roughly 1.5 billion would help people buy electric cars and build the charging stations necessary for drivers to use them knew. Some also wants to give 430 million worth of tax credits to businesses that stay in California and create full time jobs. Nikola Call his news 93.1. KFBK new developments in the billion dollar fraud case at the California Employment Development Department reports this morning show millions of dollars in covert 19 unemployment checks paid for with taxpayer money has been sent to inmates in out of state jails and prisons. The report shows the department approved more than 6000 claims totaling more than $42 million for prisoners in jails outside of California. The DDT fraud case has been called the biggest fraud case in the history of California. A $200,000 campaign to clean up the floor of Lake Tahoe is underway. Here's kfbk is Marshall Benson. The Tahoe fund received donations from over 135 people and businesses, including Tahoe, Blue vodka and Vail Resorts. Allowing the nonprofit clean up the lake to continue removing waste from the 72 miles under the lake's surface. Last summer, the group were covered over £2200 of trash from just six miles of Lake Tahoe. A team of divers will begin this year's cleanup effort in May. Marshall Benson News 93.1 KFBK at 8 34 on Wednesday morning. Here are your top national stories happening now in Washington, DC tens of thousands of Trump supporters gathering turning out for a rally. The president is expected to address the crowd. The president is calling on his vice president and members of.

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