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You are listening to the john batchelor show woo i'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show i welcome michael phillips a feature writer for the wall street journal who has published in these last days a story that illustrates the statistics we get from the veteran's affairs of young men and women who returned from the combat zone these last decades and either damaged themselves or or end their lives and the mystery is all always remains these are young people who've done heroic things who have served their country continue to serve their country and some instance and yet we see these reports commonplace in the va and much of the yang's idea about the vas a troubles these last years has been its inability to deal with these young people there are more and more of them the older generation my father's generation they've moved on so va is no longer weighed down by the trials of the second world war the korean more what now is the vietnam war and the new era of wars and massive attacks nia michael is traveling michael a very good evening to you thank you for this and there is a video accompanying the story about chris and michalowski the videos done by gave johnson you can see it on your wall street journal page michael chris and majkowski our fraternal twins from a small town in texas red oak texas they're born may of 1980 one you feature statistics about the number of young people who have come from small town america as opposed to urban centre america in conflict and those who have lost their lives have been badly damaged what are those statistics tell us about who has served overseas these last decades good evening mike good evening thanks for having me jon the uh the statistics showed that people from small town and rural america are more likely to in less than people from the big urban centres don't get me wrong people manhattan joined the military as well as people from a small town around 10 in in minnesota but the likelihood of greater if you're from a small town in minnesota it can be a a way out maybe or maybe did and painted him in your family it but you are more.

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