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Mark Caesar filling in for Mister Jeffries he'll be back next week we're on this year did you watch the Emmys catch any of that last night I'm afraid I did not I'm afraid I did not see a single second no need to haul. I know how you want to go over stuff like that but I I got nothing at all. I didn't see it yeah but either so that's why we have this recap available yeah exactly so folks can find out what had literate start with history thank you Jesus. deleted Porter becomes the first openly gay black man to win Best Actor in a drama series for his work in FX's PO. it's been a lot of work it's been a long time and I am just so great the surprise is the biggest one Julia Louis Dreyfus was not awarded the Emmy for Best Actress in a comedy series she was the sentimental favorite with Veep finishing up this last season she's tied with Cloris Leachman for the most acting Emmys one ever a win Sunday would have been historic but surprise. Phoebe Waller bridge from the British import flea bag airing on Amazon snatched history from Louis Dreyfus winning the best comedy series actress honor as well as comedy series writing she's the creator of the series and it wanted directing ME and the top comedy price best comedy series. other comedy honors bill hater won the Emmy for Best Actor in a comedy series for berry this is his second in a row.

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