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Fredericksburg we sit at 82 in northwest D.C. WTO pen used time two 41 If you have kids from 5 to 11 they can now get COVID booster shots The CDC approved it last night Doctor Joshua sharfstein is vice dean for public health practice and community engagement at Johns Hopkins University He tells WTO the booster is a good idea for kids Well first of all there are a lot of kids that have not gotten vaccinated at all And it is a good thing to get vaccinated because of the risk of severe illness and not just direct illness but also the immune reaction The kids can get from COVID the vaccine really dramatically reduces the chance of that terrible reaction to COVID that kids can get The booster can provide additional support particularly against omicron And it may be late for this school year because fiscal year is almost over But we don't know what's around the corner or the next variant of omicron that's going to come So I think it's a smart thing to do to consider that for kids The boosters come at a good time because vaccine protection is waning and many students in our region are testing positive Today's story is part of our weekly focus on local education At the end of last month D.C. said at school system reported 451 cases in a week the highest since the end of the winter surge cases increased more during the weeks of May 1st in May 8th In fairfax county doctor Ben Schwartz with the county's health department says the number of COVID cases has been increasing With nearly 4000 students testing positive so far this month Montgomery county reported more than 3000 cases in schools over the past ten days Nike LAW TLP news One caveat in the U.S. less than 1% of kids are hospitalized from COVID President Biden's approval rating has dipped to the lowest of his presidency The latest poll by The Associated Press and ORC center for public research shows just 39% of those asked say the president is doing a good job Overall only two in ten adults say the country is heading in the right direction or that the economy is good The poll of nearly 1200 adults has a margin of error of plus or -4% Can Tiger Woods make the cut at the PGA Championship while checking with Dave Preston coming up two 43 The IRS finally caught up with Louis I hadn't paid my taxes in 8 years I owed IRS a lot of money Louis was in deep trouble We're going to take your house put a lien on.

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