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Cooling. Winter is far from over. We'll have that story and more coming up after wtn traffic right now we have solid traffic inbound on the Dan Ryan between 18th and burn interchange. This is due to a crash on the outbound Kennedy right now. 90 50 downtown 22 minute trip. On the South side we have. Halstead is closed between in both directions between 57th and 56. This is because of a collapsed building Number eight bus is also being rerouted. Over on the ice and I we've got an accident, slowing things up inbound approaching First Avenue, and we've got some heavy delays right now on Lake Shore Drive south bound between Fullerton and North Avenue and also that winter storm warning in effect from six o'clock Sunday night till nine o'clock Tuesday morning in Kankakee and Eastern will counties in Illinois, Lake Porter, Newton and Jasper and Indiana. And from three o'clock Monday morning until noon on Tuesday. For all of Cook County snow accumulations of 4 to 12 inches are possible with Lake effect, causing higher totals. In some areas. We will have the full weather forecast coming up in just a bit apartment Residents round Chicago are feeling the sting of winter's deep chill as apartment owners struggled to keep the heat on. One complex resident, Lydia Fi, Bo says she talked to the property manager who told her they're working on fixing the problem, You know, Unfortunately, things happen and mean things do happen, and I agree, however, it's been a whole week. City ordinance requires temperature inside rental residents to be at least 68 degrees during the day. Or the evening temperatures must be at least 66 complaints can be filed with the city at 311. If landlords don't respond to 10 and complaints come, Ed crews are headed south about 350 comment. Employees and contractors are going to Kentucky and West Virginia. They'll be helping local crews restore power after a huge ice storm moved through last week. Over 40,000 customers are without power in West Virginia 25,000 in Kentucky, that part of the country will be facing more ice storms and cold weather this week. Davis one WGN News, nearly 400,000 Illinoisans have now been fully vaccinated against covert 19. Only 3.1% of the state population have received both required shots, but I d ph says about 10% of Illinois. It's have gotten at least one 1.7 million total doses have been administered over the past two months. The state's rolling average of shots.

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