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There you go so that's on our facebook page soon to be tweeted okay oh it's been tweeted that's been tweeted it now it's been tweeting having an issue with twitter it has because when you're click baiting wicket we got to come up with something clever for the for the for the click bait and the hashtag out of luck on hashtag all the hashtag wasn't working together jio we have we had our hashtag looked at what a we had from yesterday that i want to use the same man i love that we are song hashtag no no no no should listen the country music like eric and i i asked by an all hash pipe oh okay all right is it we've are onto a right now he should've at that there are are they have no music art they always on tour i don't know mature i don't think they tour like every year but maybe i heard their great life it's a ban of always wanted to see i evening them even have seen the i've i've seen the live of videos you know the the the the concert footage but i've never seen them in person that would be to me that would be one of the great summer concert really great summer caveat i mean you could say that some of their bad songs are probably viewed as novelty songs but i heard in concert they're just excellent that they've really bright really rock out there so um and you know the the the drummer patrick wilson as from the town my parents live yeah yeah so yeah i would think that that would be a good show clarence senator new york even though the at from la right rivers cuomo and all that he's from right i believe there so yes so um the this entire thing and i do wonder because combing set to testify the keep saying sometime after memorial day but it'll be in the coming days you look at how all of this now is coming out look at the time line so colmey testifies and he's saying something different than what the court documents were saying an april this will be a third he testified and he said something different than what the court documents show on may ninth he was fired.

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