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Fair skies it is seven o'clock on this Friday September twenty seventh I'm Larry Mullen saying here's what's happening are they getting close good health officials be zeroing in on the cause of those vaping illnesses breaking the nation possibly after some prelim tasks there looking at a certain chemical found in pre filled the guards are judged we seem to be a common thread also today secretary of state Mike with pale was on the hot seat as the fallout continues over the Ukraine scandal three house committees ABS of needed him for failing to produce answers related to the parole hoping it'll force them to come out with an alleged prostitute pleading not guilty in the case of a man who died of a Clinton L. overdose at the queens hotel which is the same woman police say who's linked to the death of a popular sap at a Grand Central rest. the study says don't overdo it. run the risk of making bad decisions on many other aspects of your life somebody said yeah like the decision to go to the gym or bass the hot wings. accu weather cloudy and comfortable tonight we get down to a low of sixty four degrees on this Friday and it is for this we wonder squeaking James Paxton of the Yankees visit Texas Mets close out the year host in the first place frames and the giants see two straight wins welcoming the rates. I'm Bloomberg Larry coffee the Dow closed at twenty six thousand twenty down seventy one the economy cooled in August as companies cut orders consumers spent less than expect when's news time seven oh one and from. tonight here's Greg right it has been some kind of mess on the south and west side tonight there get rid of a record seventy nine three that has old lan subject to closer to your slow from the George north Fannie appointed to stare at two just brake lights and license plates in front of you all the way up.

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