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Searching for a missing master mail key and stolen mail, postal inspectors say they've made an arrest, como four is Denise Whitaker reports Accused of stealing mail trucks and mail for months. This gentleman was very hard for us to track at times. Postal inspector John weekend spelled it out for me. Court documents now connect a total of 5 stolen mail trucks. In several different Seattle neighborhoods to Misha boola, along with the truck, postal keys also went missing. Keys that open large lock boxes for mail delivery. There's still the unanswered question. How someone could steal a mail truck? Isn't it and the mail inside of it locked up securely? It is secured. I mean, the vehicles, each one of these vehicles was locked if you're able to break into the vehicle and get it started. You've also got some other sophistication of how to get past any other kind of means that may be involved. Nisha bawa is behind bars he faces up to 5 years for each of the counts against him right now, Denise Whitaker. Come on in. A Portland musician was found shot to death while hiking in Washington, now members of his family planned to sue the Lewis county sheriff's office for what they call a sabotaged investigation. Northwest news radio corps went haig, has the update. Family members of 49 year old Aaron Christensen say investigators mishandled, and even sabotaged the evidence. Christian and his four month old dog were both found shot to death last August in the cascade mountains goat rocks wilderness area, although police had interviewed a suspect who confessed to the shooting, Lewis county prosecutor Jonathan Meyer told KOI and news last month, there was not enough evidence to bring charges. It's hard to say what additional materials would have been found had this been investigated as a potential homicide from the get go. But police at the scene admit they failed to recognize Christensen's wound as a gunshot. The oregonian reports family members in their lawsuit say a forensics team, quote maliciously damaged the puppy's body in order to sabotage the investigation. Corwin hake, northwest, news radio. Fish and wildlife officials in kitsap county spent Wednesday morning searching for a black bear that was spotted near silverdale elementary school. Paul Rivera has an update on the search. Fish

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