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Can say we want that. You know you can't. It's hard to play the game when you're not the person making the rules. You know what. I mean as you can keep changing the rules. That's all i think. It just took steps to get to the point where we are. We have people of different backgrounds and and and and color variations and experiences that are now in position that call the shots because as an actor even today day. I can have an opinion. Look here's about what. I have to say more about my s made. We stand what we're told and we do what we say you know but in the day everything starts to create a process. So what's so beautiful about show out of black sketch. Show is even we. They all the time. Black people were not a monolith right. So writer's room the diversity in black women it's all black female writers wrote but even in that the amount of diversity that in that rome allows us to tap expenses from all over. So i think what's great is a said. Now you've got creative. Like an isa ray who started out they to the platforms that we have now. She's started off on online and look where that got her now. We've done the work we've proven we asked but now we're no longer asking anymore. Who like now position where we're making retaining control and we're telling our stories and people are getting on board with it. They're now asking for the content now wanting to see the stories and and the beauty of a culture because it is celebrated in this something that is it's refreshing to see that when you look at the decades decades decades of the same type of stores told over and over again. The audience is pallet is diverse. And it wants more. You know when you go out every every week every friday like every now and again you want to exit labor different variety. Give me the menu on the left. By the way. I i have to know because i watched a black lady sketch show and i wonder if your friends are ever leg beach. Did you tell that story about that. Time to the writers because that seems that seems like us they did you go ahead and tell the producers now like literally as after have zero in the writing. We'll get on it and we can improvise. But i do know a lot of like for example like asha programs also star in the show lake. She does her and robina heard him say that comes up those come from like personal experiences. But i think what's great is. They started colonels by via in the room and everybody gets chime in and create the sketch as far the right as roma's concerned so i'm sure carl's people's personal lives that they told me they probably need chitchatting. Those writers rooms like while in the right kind of tea. But it's so fun that it so there is no identity in the sense that it's not so specific that's not relatable to everybody unanimity. Like you say the girl tonight. Wait. did you know. I had no idea about your story. But it's just perfect that it's relatable because we all have kind of a similar experience in the how we react to respond to things a lot of fun. It's so fun to if you guys have not seen the show what i love about. This show is every sketch is about eight ish minutes like it reminds me of what in living color was what mad. Tv was back in the day where you could sit down. You didn't have to watch ten episodes before you could skip through the episode but my favorite thing about episodes is you always know the character like we all have to go to the club. We all had the girl who played mash in high school was started tired about what he was going to get. Everyone knows somebody so for me. Black lady sketch show is what wayne's brothers were creating but with an extra layer. Yeah because we all know the funniest aman tv. With jeff wilson. Like the blackley on mad. Tv was deborah walson. Who yeah he was a queen and you know why she probably stood out is because she got to play stories again. They see other places and it has to polynesia. Debra wilson is like hello governor. Wilson like we will look but again argue maintenance house bring that extra off to the table and she was doing things no other person that cast could do because they were unique to a black woman's experience so i think also genius is even the title of the show. A black lady sketch. Show robin cole. Purpose at the beginning was for to be not be story about. Robin didi and friends. It was more of like this is a representation of a black woman ping woman pick a black story. It's not defined in the ought to one experience and hope that this is one of many future shows that put him on a platform like this so this is a black lady schedule now but hopefully there would be more a black whatever in the future. I think that's what's so great. It's interesting because i wonder if you get the same thing that i do in you know. I'm on a daytime. tv show. We talk a lot about things. Race comes up in conversations and just for instance other day we were talking about this woman whose mother had a ridden affair with charles manson while he was in jail and then she now has one with another convicted killing increase. Watts and my comment was yeah. It's kinda strange. It's always random wide ladies who are having these kinds of sort of like assorted affairs with murderers and the white lady on my show. Said you know what you're absolutely correct and this fan tweeted at me and she was like you know. How would you feel if i said a random black. It's always random black woman. And i thought about it and i was. I don't know but i'm not afraid to talk about race. And the way. I talk about racist not in a in a racist way or oppress somebody else. I talk about it for comedy. Do you guys ever get the people that say well what we did it. Why lady comedy show would you guys before they don't need to watch. The show is just the title along turns. Some people are in it just like the word. Black is such a strong powerful word. It's so strange how it turned terms. People's it just upsets upset stomach. It makes the man why fido what off. And it's like sir ma'am had troll. Have you watched the show at relax. Take effect and it's also the fact that shows to exist you never you never explore the reason why our show has to exist now. Why it's doing so well because there's been some of us like not having misdeed at the table. Yes so like. I was one of the many black women who got to test for. Snl years back when keenan thompson had made the point that where the black women on us to now so it's like the fact that these questions have to be asked. You should be annoyed at the fact that black people wanna see table and wants to play saying energy unexplored. Why do conditions are the way they are for show like ours to have to exist. Yes our show. No one would ever get to experience the layers in the range. The us on the show have been able to. Where else would. I have been able to have the opportunity to do that. So all hell all hell awful. Hbo for giving us this opportunity in this platform to do things. And i've been at this game for minute and i have not gotten the same amount of love and and feedback in appreciation for my talent and range and to be able to do and even apply a lot of my skills to.

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