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New schedule starts tomorrow so at all your teeth stations the schedule for the rest of today will be the regular schedule and that is WBZ's Ken macleod WBZ-TV's camouflage should say we got details on the new schedule up on our website right now that's WBZ ten thirty dot com six thirty six lots of government offices closed as well because of covert nineteen and that includes our courts judges clerks and other essential employees are working judges available by phone to decide bail for anyone arrested over the weekend or on Monday most other court business is postponed until courts reopened and when they do there are plans to use video conferencing electronic filings along with staggered work schedules to reduce foot traffic in the state's ninety nine courthouses in Boston Mike Macklin WBZ Boston news radio overseas tonight a military tribunal in Beirut Lebanon has ordered the release of a Lebanese American man has been detained there for about six months America Corey's been charged with working for an Israeli backed militia two decades ago at a prison in southern Lebanon human rights groups have described that person as a torture chamber his family maintains so he was never involved in any sort of torture and he's been living in New Hampshire for some time his case was closely followed there in New Hampshire senator Jeanne Shaheen pushing for his release no word though on when or if he'll come back to the granite state meantime a new national study finds there's opposition to separating families at the southern border and then charging parents as criminals Baylor University researchers analyzed data from two studies conducted in twenty eighteen by the public religion research institute in both studies a majority opposed family separation in the first thirty fifty three percent of Republican support of the policy well ninety percent of Democrats opposed it in both studies a conservative ideology was the common thread expressed by those supporting family separation the articles published in the journal analyses of social issues and public policy CBS is but miss commit that report and the Boston Symphony Orchestra says a long time flautist and musical trailblazer has died Doria Dwyer was the only the second woman to ever win a principal chair in a major American orchestra she was the symphony's principal principal flautist from more than forty years the BSO said she died over the weekend at our home in Lawrence Kansas she was ninety.

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