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There was no overwhelming offer out there we we knew was basically going to be new orleans if they came in and possibly dow now is that yeah i mean i think it was even harder to do the one year like golden state they're going to win without a murli then they're gonna win with them it doesn't they're gonna win whether he's there or not but they have they're the ones who can have the most patients like let's say he went to dallas on a one year deal and let's say they're just they're competing to try to get the eighth seed i mean there's going to be or anywhere else like that there's going to be a natural sort of like one can we get him on the court like the clock's ticking on this one year we have with them that won't be the case in golden state like like somebody said to me like we could lose to three in a row there's not going to be any call of a man we'd better get cousins out here when he's ready he's ready and he'll play and i think that does take the pressure off him too and it does and i think for i know he said that he you know should be ready for training camp but that's not real demarcus cousins i'm i'm where i'm looking at from my next contract and being on the floor in november will not help for his next contract if he's not at the level was so i don't i don't see a rush because they as you said they don't they don't need them in the beginning you know they need them like come playoff time come you know down post allstar break here why did you guys in the end when you guys sat in the room made a decision what led you to go there favors over cousins in that what your draft with two thousand ten thousand ten we didn't feel like the was tradeable that's why we felt that derrick favors had had upside and teams valued upside in potential and he was more of a tradable asset than demarcus we right got you jerick spin good player you know he just signed in nice dealing therapist you know i mean no i mean it's demarcus cousins baronet derrick favors yeah he is but teams were we felt that teams would be scared away because damarcus had that you know not at the level he wa you know now he'll temperament kentucky you know he interviewed fared in the combine and we just felt like you know it was you know derek in in marcus west johnson was in the mix i mean real quick story we're going west johnson i've said it before i think i told ryan russillo this we we had thorn tonight of the draft we it was the first time a player i don't know how west johnson got our war room number but he called into the war room right before the draft like asking for us to draft him and he got picked by minnesota david can't be able to yes but but yeah i mean that was that was the thought process with how we looked at the marcus in derek they kind of had some great picks oh man ms talk about missed out on some opportunities right the frazier it was the ricky rubio johnny flynn was going to be the the he told some in their front office it was going to be clyde and earl monroe he's off a little bit off a little bit here's the other thing too the cousins cry this idea of this is unfair this everybody in the league had a chance to sign demarcus cousins he was there this wasn't some salary cap circumvention he didn't have anything and he takes the five point three taxpayer mid level and everybody had a crack at them it's like complaining about draymond green many win the second round everybody passed on them you don't get to complain about that picked the guy then no you don't and i said yesterday i said hey if this of we live in a world where there was no salary cap in golden state just went out.

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