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Them, and interior lock replacements. Board member Elaine toland says the county will also hire a third party to review safety and security protocols. Safety and security in our schools is a huge imperative. And the need for its periodic third party review of our work is just good business. So I'm very pleased to see that we will get this underway ASAP. The security enhancements will be paid for using leftover funds from the last fiscal year. Some of that money will also be used to give workers a one time bonus later this year. Marilyn governor Larry Hogan declared September as international underground railroad month in Montgomery county Mann tells us about the journey he took following in the footsteps of those who freed themselves. In 1996, Toni Cohen pieced together The Underground Railroad route that enslaved people had used to travel from sandy spring in Montgomery county to Canada, and though he traveled by foot and by rail, he knew he couldn't replicate the perils those travelers faced. I was modern person making a journey in modern times. But when he crossed into Canada Cohen said the major emotion was elation. So many actual self liberators had gone through that spot and just trying to imagine what it must have been like for them. Cohen is the president of the miner foundation dedicated to the preservation of underground railroad history, Kate Ryan, WTO news. 27 artifacts valued at more than $13 million have been seized from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, investigators say the objects were looted in New York Times reports that the items dating back to Ancient Rome Greece and Egypt may have been taken by people suspected to deal in shady antiquities trafficking, one of the suspects reportedly ran a Swiss gallery for decades before being nabbed by an Italian authorities over 20 years ago. The Matt had possession of the artifacts long before these facts came to light. They were seized in three separate rates over 6 months, authorities say the artifacts will be returned to their countries of origin in special ceremonies next week

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