Official, Democrat National Committee, FBI discussed on Chris Krok


Talking today about how they literally can't get one democrat on i mean we're talking elected currently sitting democrat official or democrat national committee official they either are scrambling to trying to get the story together what are they say all my gosh you know this broke last night while we're on the air we talked about it but there's so many more implications to this okay it goes way deeper than just what's really really bad for hillary and the democrats is that we now see that hillary dropped five point six million dollars to get this fake dossier five point six million dollars the democrat national committee also dropped down about five point three point six million dollars over nine million dollars dropped and they come up with a fake dossier and they they were paying this these a these folks for right up until days before the election but hold on another addition to this that makes it go wall the fbi oh you gotta remember slipping barack obama's fbi that of barack obama's justice department then said will pay you christopher steal the british intelligence agent that could came off the golden showers dossier i care about do you the blame hillary of the democrats first even coming up with having to say this right i mean thanks hillary so the the fbi then said we want to pay you christopher steel we want to keep this going we want to keep digging into this and and and look at this and so then you have the fbi furthering its investigations basing its investigation on possibly on this whole goldens shower dossier which was created by hillary clinton and the democrat committee democrat national committee and here's the big explosive question this is and this is a big deal member the warrants and the thai wiretapping and all that stuff guys right miller the big question tonight is did hillary clinton and the democrats in their nine million dollars to get this fake dossier analyst kinda did they spread in and that's kind of the things that that they spread this all over the place to let everybody know my guys look at this is that this the intel was this the.

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