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Movie. Food and Dr Ken Changli Vice President so we got to roll the Paparazzi were there. There were thousands of flashbulbs. It looks like the Fourth of July. We got into the Chased him tight speed car chase with people trying to get a picture of job and it was like that for an entire week. We could not go anywhere without people. Found was without cameras in his face ago. Jim At don tomorrow. I made all the arrangements and I thought well. If I've got Joe Dimaggio over in Italy I can't just bring them in and bringing them out after a special projects John Salamo so we Scheduled him To throw out a pitch in the In the Rome Bologna Ballgame. Of course mind you when I sprung this on him he said to me. Why did you do that? And then when we arrived there of course he was in his element. He loved it. He was enjoying being in the dugout with all of these Italian baseball players. Of COURSE WE'RE JET. Lag Me two hours of sleep and he had to go through baseball for the professional room team which was phenomenal. The baseball Italian fans again. He went through one sixty three house on jam. Yankee Stadium series whole series hand. Joe Dimaggio throw out the first ball. Only Joe was being mobbed in Rome. Final arrangements for his visit were being made in. East La de la Feminine in order to prepare the town for his arrival. They built a reviewing. Stand are just above the fishing word. Franks of Yana. European correspondent for the San Francisco Chronicle than they'd gone out and purchased Crystal Sports Trophy. We all that recognized his accomplishments as a Qatari baseball. There were waiting for him with arms open to to know. This man was mentally moral husband. And the big champion of Baseball Baseball baseball the United States so they put flowers years. They knew that Dimaggio was. Up Muscle Joker touting the baseball in America but they had no idea really what baseball was apart from the fact that he was famous in the village for being the son of Giuseppe senior. The Joe Arose. Elliot's mother the truth of the matter. Is that demand you everywhere? In Italy was far more famous for being briefly the husband of Marilyn Monroe then. He was for being a famous baseball player..

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