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And from listeners like you who donate to this NPR station. This is all things considered from NPR news. I'm Mary, Louise, Kelley Elsa Chang. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia ordered an operation to Lourdes journalists Jamal kashogi back to Saudi Arabia. That is according to a new report from the Washington Post kashogi has not been heard from or seen since he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October second it is not known whether he is still alive or if he is dead. Josh dossey is a White House reporter at the post who's been working on this story. Thanks for talking. This. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. So the post reporting traces this all the way up to Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, what evidence gave you the basis tight all the way to the crown prince directly the evidence that gave us that betas his US intelligence intercepted body officials talking about the plan and talking about what B S Mohammed from on be CBS wanted in relation journalist US intelligence officials pick up all sorts of foreign calls from Dido's from other intelligence agencies from police agencies, and that is there yesterday once they picked up hashing plant, and and there is evidence in these intercepts is that bin Salman personally, ordered this correct? Yes. That's okay. Was the order to detain kashogi? Or was it to kill kashogi? I was to bring him to Saudi Arabia. We're decisions to be made Sayer, obviously, they're complicating retort south on what happened. It took us official suspect because he was killed in the consulate. We obviously about verified that independently. You have, you know, Saudi officials continue to tell the United States the highest ranking officials on the west wing that they you're not responsible for this. So this really. Staples right now. And from what I understand from the post reporting. There are multiple offers allegedly made to kashogi from the Saudi government. She come back to maybe get a nice job. Could you talk about that? Government how cling to his friends associates had offered have hosting the government that they would take care of him. They would not harm him. He was incredibly distrustful of these authors and did not take any of these offers a serious. Far away from them. She knew about the Saudi government, at least in his estimation was looking out for his best interest to the officers quickly quickly Jackson, and do we know whether US intelligence officials whether they made any attempt to warn kashogi that he could be facing risk of personal physical harm. Here's a boss here. The Washington Post was aware that we have no knowledge that they did. But you know, there are a lot of details that are still marking and coming out. So I don't want you to finish the either way. But we do know is the White House officials told us today, they were not aware of this pot before it happened, even as US intelligence officials said they picked up a receipt. So one of the things that we're trying to piece together that disconnect. And and how that could be okay. If it is indeed true that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia was the one who ultimately ordered this who orchestrated this. Let's talk about the implications for the Trump administration, which has had a pretty cozy relationship with the ruling class in Saudi Arabia in the thirty seconds, or so we have left how might this case reorder Saudi US relations. If this can be tied all the way to has been particularly cozy with Saudi Arabia, Jared Kushner, an MBA says the message privately know, lots of trips. The president sources to go there. But, you know, Lindsey Graham told me on the phone today that there would be a five partisans Tanabe punishment for Saudi Arabia. This is true. And it would certainly US all seventeen signed today. I think would certainly. Ain't. Senators have tried to trigger the Magnitsky act. And now the administration has about one hundred twenty days to decide whether to impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia. That's correct. That's Josh dossier was reporter at the Washington Post. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me Brett Kavanagh's confirmation to the supreme court has given abortion rights opponents an opportunity that they have long hoped for to weaken or overturn Roe v. Wade. That's the nineteen Seventy-three decision that legalized abortion nationwide. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is announcing a new strategy to protect abortion rights, NPR Serra mccamman reports the supreme court can't just get up one morning and overturn Roe v. Wade the justices would I have to take up a case that would give them a chance to reconsider that landmark decision, but abortion rights opponents hoped that will happen soon. Penny Nance is CEO of the conservative group. Concerned women for America, which supported Cavanaugh, we're taking a moment here to rejoice in the fact that he was actually confirmed and but very quickly even after the swearing in. We were talking about starting to get together. And think about you know, the. Best cases to move forward to fit in front of the court, several state laws severely, restricting abortion are already making their way through the court system, including one from Iowa that would ban the procedure as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected often before a woman. No, she's pregnant cavenaugh is replacing Justice, Anthony Kennedy who was often the swing vote on abortion and other contentious issues so advocates on both sides are watching to see how much the new court is willing to restrict abortion, Planned Parenthood executive vice president Donald Ganz says in some ways the last several years have been a training ground for what could be coming. She says many states have passed laws that force women to go to great lengths to get abortions. Already women across this country have to access funding. They have to access transportation they have to access housing. They have to access support networks that is going to be a greater need. If there are further. Other restrictions. When row is attacked by this court. Those efforts will now be super size till again says she says Planned Parenthood will lobby state legislatures to strengthen protections for abortion rights and expand services in states with more liberal laws. Dr Amy Whitaker is medical director at Planned Parenthood of Illinois. She's expecting to see more women coming from more restrictive states across the midwest. We know that we're going to need an ironclad network of states in providers across the country were abortion will still be legal and accessible, no matter. What happens on the supreme court in the past two years? The organization has expanded surgical abortion services from two to five locations in Illinois nationwide. Planned Parenthood also will work to increase access to medication abortion and use technology to connect women with information about where they can get the procedure. Both sides are also preparing for the midterm elections next month, the abortion rights. Group. Neyroud pro-choice America has launched a million dollar ad by telling supporters to vote out Republican candidates. This November this ad opens with an image of Kavanagh's face right now women are under attack Airolo is also launching a separate campaign to educate suburban women in eight key cities around the country about the impending threats to row for abortion rights opponents like Mallory Quigley of the Susan b Anthony list. The cavenaugh fight has also served as a reminder of the importance of elections. The cabinet confirmation battle kind of exemplified why we've picked this to begin with, you know, why we've been engaging in Senate races across the country since last summer. And that's because you know, precisely the Senate is where supreme court justices are confirmed with Cavanaugh on the supreme court advocates on both sides say their bases are energized. And ready for the next phase of the battle over abortion rights. Sarah, mccamman, NPR news. This is NPR news media news. I'm Alex Helmick. The video is disturbing. So is the audio. You're about to hear a man. Mario woods standing on.

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