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The fourth year Braintree police are holding their junior police academy boys and girls entering the seventh grade learn what techniques someone first aid in the visage of prison says Braintree police officer Peter Gillis the bus for come out a little bit it's are the really exciting David W. opens up the rise special we have it in me talk about my life choices and and yeah that sort of thing that date they realize that you know this is real the kids get to see the mass state police air wing as well in Braintree Karen regal WBZ Boston's newsradio Earth Day parties we have all kinds of parties what about a colonoscopy party James Ross with that story coming up I'm Dan ray here with Linda Sloan K. vice chair of century bank Linda I know lots of people who think about switching from the giant bank but don't why is that I get so frustrated when customers come in who might maintain a relationship but other banks and they said I really hate that bank but it's too hard to move my account so get all these credits and debits that are coming in and out and I don't have the time to move it so what's the solution let's do it why should anyone deal with a bank is that they're not getting any service that there's no one there to answer their questions there's a better passed to take here and and they should come to century where at least we'll get an answer and they'll be someone of the cares about making sure that they're happy with their bank I know I'm thrilled with century.

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