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For you to be there to record this. And for it to not be at five thirty AM. Not assure you of that. Staring back. Islets morning. Only way, I got up and five thirty morning was to have a new forty five replace. I was up. Six thirty. Right. Other than that, I'm not getting thirty say give me out of the suture Williams, under a nice Friday here in the tri-state, and best of luck to into retirement of one. Jeff Hendi Henderson. He's only has a few newscast remains in thirty six year career retiring from us today here at seven hundred w w is taken over. I heard it might be retreat. Dorothy, the news thority hear we leave you with the immortal words of the stew. Report. So so does that mean almost bother you? I know he don't bother me, but Johnny bench's one guy should thank God did I, I was born because he never made a whole fame, wouldn't work. Because on the guy knocked in thousand times, okay, you got you got guys in front of the guys behind you. You gotta you gotta be responsible for everybody involved, and you should ask you Morgan to same question as Tony president. Same question there in the hall of fame and I'll guarantee they won't give you the same answer. And it don't bother me. Johnny feels that way. Because Johnny was here was a situation with me, and Johnny people thought we didn't ever get along wouldn't true. But Johnny could never understand that. I was born in Cincinnati and people love the way I played, and he might have been the best on the big red machine. I don't know his greatest catcher ever, but he was never going to be a fan favourite as long as I was there, I was born there is going to bingerner Oklahoma where he's from and getting mad, if they like Johnny more than they like me. They're probably going to Johnny Moore because that's where he was born. Okay. So. So that was the problem to Johnny not head as far as players when we played for Stati red segman, your reaction. Rachel your reaction. Same..

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